McDonald's launches its new birthday menu this month, featuring Milkybar Raspberry Ripple McFlurry

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McDonald's have launched a brand new menu to celebrate its 50th birthday in the UK - and it looks like the ultimate birthday treat (for us).

McDonald's lovers have a lot to look forward to with new items coming from July 17!

Let's do things a bit different and start with the desserts and sweet treats, for all those with a sweet tooth out there.

It wouldn't be a birthday celebration without a cake, but how about a Birthday Cake Donut?

The Birthday Cake Donut joins the McCafe® menu and it’s sure to be every dessert fan’s dream.

Credit: McDonald's

All for just £1.99, it boasts a strawberry flavoured filling, topped with a buttercream-flavoured icing and sprinkles – YUM!

Best of all, McDonald’s will donate 20p from each Birthday Cake Donut sale to Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, which also celebrates its 35th birthday this year!

Taking us right back to the flavours of our childhood and igniting some serious nostalgia is TWO NEW DESSERTS!

Up first, it’s the Milkybar® Raspberry Ripple McFlurry®, featuring soft dairy ice cream swirled with mini Milkybar chocolate drops and topped with a sweet & sharp raspberry sauce.

Credit: McDonald's

And if that’s not enough, introducing Munchies® Cookie Dough McFlurry®, made up of soft dairy ice cream swirled with chocolate-coated Munchies biscuit pieces and topped with a caramel cookie dough sauce.

Two perfect nostalgic flavours to truly get in the birthday mood.

You can get either McFlurry for £2.19 each or opt for a mini version for £1.59!

Credit: McDonald's

Now for the main course...

It wouldn’t be a McDonald’s line-up without their legendary burgers, and it is no different on the brand’s big birthday.

Fan favourites Double Big Mac® (£5.39 or make it a meal for £7.19) and Double Big Mac® with Bacon (£6.19 or a meal for £8.09) will be re-joining the menu, featuring four 100% beef patties, a slice of cheese, lettuce, onion, and pickles.

And the sauce. That unbeatable, tasty Big Mac® sauce.

Credit: McDonald's

Making its first re-appearance since October 2023, its the McCrispy® BBQ Smokehouse!

For £5.59 or a meal for £7.49, this burger is made up of 100% chicken breast fillet in a crispy, crunchy coating with a smoky BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, red onion, lettuce, all in a delicious sourdough style sesame topped bun.

Credit: McDonald's

Calling all garlic bread fans! Cheesy Garlic Bread Dippers will be making their grand debut in this extra special birthday menu for only £2.39!

Featuring four mozzarella dippers flavoured with garlic and chives in a ciabatta-style breadcrumb coating, served with rich tomato dip. Also available in a Sharebox for £6.49. Say cheese!

Credit: McDonald's

Last but certainly not least, the McDonald’s Chicken Sharebox® (£10.59) will be staying on the menu, including six Chicken Selects®, twelve Chicken McNuggets®, plus two McNuggets® dips and two Selects® dips. Cluckin’ lovely.

Credit: McDonald's

But if Chicken Selects are your favourite, don’t worry, the 9 Chicken Selects Sharebox® with 3 Selects® Dips (£8.49) will also be remaining.

Featured image credit: SOPA Images/McDonald's