McDonald’s in Liverpool bans under 18s from entering after 5pm

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A McDonald’s branch in Liverpool has banned under-18s from entering the restaurant after 5pm.

The controversial move was apparently ‘not taken lightly’ but enforced at the Liverpool Church Street restaurant in a bid to reduce ‘anti-social behaviour’.

The chain added that the temporary move was in response to employees having been subjected to ‘verbal and physical abuse’ whilst working at the fast food chain.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “Over recent weeks, we have seen an increase in the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour in the area with our people being subjected to verbal and physical abuse.

mcdonalds bans under18s

McDonald’s banned under-18s in one Liverpool restaurant (Credit: Alamy)

“We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to crime and anti-social behaviour, and have temporarily restricted restaurant access to U18s from 5pm.

“This decision was not taken lightly and we are working closely with the police to find a resolution and help reduce these incidents.”

The ban has already been put in place across the Liverpool restaurant, with people reporting seeing those who looked under age being turned away. 

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, one person said: “As I was leaving the security guard stopped a man he believed to be a teenager and told him they weren’t allowing people under 18 into the restaurant after 5pm without an adult with them.


Staff reported being subjected to ‘abuse (Credit: Alamy)

“The man told the security guard he was in his 20s so he apologised and explained that the new company policy meant he couldn’t let groups of teens in on their own.

“I was in town the night before and there were large groups of kids all over Liverpool One and they were moved on a number of times by security near the cinema and in Chavasse Park.”

The branch hasn’t given any indication of how long the measures will be going on for, but the move has divided opinion online. 

Some older customers were in favour of the move, even writing that it should be extended further.

Well done McDonalds, every fast food shop in the uk should do this,” wrote one on Twitter.

As another agreed: Well done @McDonalds think you need to do the ban for under 18s after 5pm everywhere brilliant idea this keep up the good work”.

Seeing a lot of support for McDonalds ban on unaccompanied kids in the Lpool branch after 5pm. Let’s spread this to public transport, town and city centres,” echoed a third.

A bit far, perhaps?!


The McDonald’s is going to be adult only in evenings (Credit: McDonald’s)

There were others who were far less impressed, though.

“Yet another case of discrimination against young people. Ban the perpetrators, don’t punish the entire under-18 population of Liverpool!,” wrote one person.

Meanwhile, others found the whole thing rather amusing.

The hottest club in Liverpool is the adults only McDonalds,” one quipped.

“Kids will be standing out front waiting for passer bys, “Psttt Psttt hey mister can ya get me some nuggets” like kids do out in front of the booze/cigs shops,” commented somebody else.

Twisted has contacted McDonald’s HQ to enquire how long the ban will be in place, and if any other locations are expected to follow suit.