McDonald's scraps mission to bring vegan McPlant to the US after weak trials

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McDonald's looks like it has scrapped its mission to bring the McPlant to the US, despite a successful launch over here in the UK.

Yup, in America, there have been trials of plant-based protein alternatives for years, but it seems that none of them have stuck.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal's Global Food Forum in Chicago, McDonald's US president, Joe Erlinger, said there were no current plans to roll out the McPlant, following trials in two cities.

mcplant mcdonalds us vegan americaThe McPlant is not landing in the US permanently (Credit: Getty)

There was initial positive response to the McPlant in Texas, Iowa, California and Louisiana.

However, after selling the burger in 600 locations in San Francisco and Dallas, it became clear there wasn't an appetite.

Sales are said to have dropped from 500 burgers a day to 20 a day, convincing bosses that a wider launch wasn't the right move.

"It was not successful in either market, so I don't think the US consumer is coming to McDonald's looking for the McPlant or other plant-based proteins," he said.

mcplant mcdonalds us vegan americaThe McPlant didn't captivate tastebuds in the States (Credit: Getty)

The UK was the market the McPlant launched in 2021, in partnership with Beyond Meat.

This was because there's a strong appetite over here for meat alternatives, but this doesn't seem to be the case globally.

Instead, Erlinger said he'd be focusing on chicken as a new opportunity, as that market was growing.

"We think we're poised to serve that trend well," he said.

Joe ErlingerJoe Erlinger shared the McDonald's news at a conference (Credit: Getty)

Perhaps most exciting of all? The Maccies US boss hinted at the return of the McRib this year, after pleading from fans.

The McRib - made of boneless pork dipped in BBQ sauce – landed on the menu in 1982, and has made several appearances over the years.

Here's hoping this keeps customers sweet!

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