McDonald’s Monopoly is officially back next month

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s has announced the official date that its Monopoly competition is returning, after months of anticipation.

The fast food giant told fans that the game is coming back to UK branches next month – and not only that, there will be more opportunities to win than ever before.

The official date McDonald’s Monopoly will be back is on Wednesday September 7th, and prizes are set to be revealed imminently.

mcdonalds monopoly

McDonald’s has announced the return of Monopoly (Credit: McDonald’s)

This year, Maccies will also offer a new feature called Double Peel, which means participants are able to play the game again through the McDonald’s app.

The app will feature a digital gameboard and a wallet so that as well as playing via your food packets, you can join in interactively and feel more like you’re actually playing Monopoly.

In case you aren’t familiar with McDonald’s Monopoly, it started back in 2005, and works a lot like the actual game.

Customers are invited to collect custom game pieces which can be peeled off on menu items like chips, wraps, McFlurry’s and drinks.

These game pieces give people the chance to instantly win free food as well as bigger prizes. Plus, they can collect pieces of the same colour to bag a bigger prize.

mcdonalds monopoly

You can bag loads of free food with the game (Credit: McDonald’s)

Last year, instant prizes included an Ibiza getaway, a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub and a £100 JD gift card. Meanwhile, people also won cash prizes and free Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and Double Cheeseburgers.

Monopoly will run for around six weeks, although the exact time span hasn’t been announced yet.

The news comes as McDonald’s just launched a Rewards programme offering customers a point for every penny on their app, too.

Then, once they have amassed, you can get a free mini McFlurry, coffee, or small fries for 1,500 MyMcDonald’s points. Or, if you’ve got 2,500 points you can bag several more menu items, like a Vegetable Deluxe or a Bacon Mayo Chicken.

Those with 4,000 points will be able to bag a free BigMac or McChicken Sandwich, and people will also be given the opportunity to donate to charity, too.

Oh Maccies, you do spoil us.