Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s Monopoly is back – chain announces when game will return


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Stop what you’re doing, Maccies fans.

The folks at the Golden Arches have announced the news we’ve all been waiting for – McDonald’s Monopoly is making a comeback.

Yaaas, who doesn’t love a game that basically bribes you to eat more burgers, nuggets and chips in the hope of winning massive prizes? Hell, we’d do it for free, but we’re not complaining!

Here’s everything we know…

mcdonalds monopoly 2023

Get your game faces on, guys (Credit: Getty)

When is McDonald’s Monopoly 2023?

Spilling the news on new social media app, Threads, McDonald’s teased the game’s return and revealed what date it would be back.

The fast food giant wrote: “M_N_P_Y at McDonald’s is back this September 6th.

“Real fans will know.”

We sure do!

mcdonalds monopoly 2023

McDonald’s Monopoly is BACK for 2023 (Credit: Getty)

McDonald’s confirmed the game would be returning back in March, but today is the first time we’ve been given a date.

The chain also shared the news on Twitter and Insta, and it’s safe to say that people were excited.

“Let’s go girls!!!,” wrote one person in response.

Whilst another penned: “This is going to become a regular lunch in September.”

“Uh oh,” someone else, echoing their sentiments.

What is McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 and how do you play?

In case you aren’t familiar with McDonald’s Monopoly, it started back in 2005, and works a lot like the actual game.

Customers are invited to collect custom game pieces which can be peeled off on menu items like chips, wraps, McFlurry’s and drinks.

These game pieces give people the chance to bag an instant win, which usually means free food. Plus, they can collect rare pieces of the same colour (designed like streets you’d see on an actual board) to bag a bigger prize – think tech, holidays and big wads of cash.

As is the case when you play Monopoly, the streets near the front of the Monopoly board (pink, pale blue, brown) tend to be worth the least, whilst the likes of Mayfair and Park Lane are likely to bring home big cash – winners have bagged £100,000 in the past.

Not only can you play IRL, but customers can also collect the same coloured property pieces via the McDonald’s App and online. This ‘double peel’ function launched lat year, and means everyone essentially gets two chances to win.

Oh Maccies, you spoil us.

mcdonalds monopoly

Like we needed an excuse to order a Maccies (Credit: McDonald’s)

What are the McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 prizes?

McDonald’s Monopoly prizes have ranged from cash to cars to holidays in the past, so there’s potential to win big.

We don’t yet have a full list of this year’s prizes but we’ll update you as soon as they’re confirmed (you can see last year’s list here).

You can cash in Instant Win Maccies prizes by handing the token over the counter in the restaurant branch you’re in.

Plus, you can also input 12 digit prize codes or digital QR codes into the digital screens in store or on the app to claim any edible winnings.

If you’ve won one of the rarer prizes, you’ll find a website address on the winning token, and you’ll need to head there to redeem it.

After entering personal details like your email and address, you’ll then be able to pick how you wish to receive your winnings.

mcdonalds monopoly 2023

Will you win this year? (Credit: McDonald’s)

When does McDonald’s Monopoly end?

Last year, McDonald’s Monopoly ran for six weeks, from September 7th, until October 18th.

We don’t yet have official confirmation from Maccies HQ about how long Maccies Monopoly will run this year, however it’s safe to assume it’ll be a similar time frame as previous years.

Starting only one day after McDonald’s Monopoly 2022, you can probably assume you’ll be able to bag prizes until October 17th, but we’ll update you when we hear more from Maccies.

One thing is for sure, our burger intake is going to shoot through the roof in September, and we’re not mad at it!

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