McDonald's announces new menu with two Biscoff items

03 Apr 2024



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McDonald's has officially announced the contents of its new menu, featuring not one but two Biscoff infused items.

Yup, the folks at the Golden Arches know how to spoil us!

The new Maccies menu not only has a load of speculoos goodness, but it also features one of its most sought after returning burgers and a cheesy new side (amongst other tasty things), all launching on 17th April.

The first of the Biscoff products is the Biscoff McFlurry, returning for a second year at £1.99.

To remind you what that's all about, it features a Biscoff crumb swirled onto the soft serve, giving it that extra crunchy, biscuity flavour.

McDonald's is launching a new menu with two Biscoff items (Credit: McDonald's)

It will be joined by the new Biscoff Frappe on their hot drinks menu. Costing £2.99, it's made with a vanilla flavour base, blended ice and crumbled Biscoff, topped with caramel flavoured cream and a Biscoff dusting.

Now, onto the other stuff. One new addition we're very excited about is the McDonald's Cheese and Herb Melts, costing £2.89. These little bites include five cheesy nibbles, made with a blend of mozzarella and Emmental cheese, covered a herb coating.

When it comes to burgers, there's two new additions. Putting a twist on the classic Quarter Pounder, the Quarter Pounder Deluxe is one of the new arrivals.

McDonald's new menu also features cheese and herb melts and a Quarter Pounder Deluxe (Credit: McDonald's)

At £4.89, its made from a classic beef patty with mustard, ketchup, onion, lettuce, mayo, juicy tomatoes, pickles and two cheese slices, all jammed in a toasted sesame seed bun.

You can also make it a double with an extra beef patty (and remember, all Quarter Pounders have been tweaked by the Maccies chefs to be even more delicious, recently. You can read more about that here).

But the most exciting new addition is the Chicken Big Mac, returning by popular demand. Costing £4.69, this is a really exciting moment for all chicken lovers.

The Chicken Big Mac comes with its iconic triple layered bun, and is filled with two chicken breast patties in a crispy coating, a slice of cheese, lettuce, pickles, and Big Mac sauce.

People have been begging for the Chicken Big Mac's return (Credit: McDonald's)

Now onto dessert. If Biscoff aint your thing (firstly, what's wrong with you?!) but secondly, fear not, there's alternatives, too!

The new McDonald's menu also features a Galaxy McFlurry for the same price of £1.99 – it's soft dairy ice cream swirled with Galaxy Chocolate drops and topped with Galaxy Chocolate sauce…mmmmm!

The last addition to the menu (but certainly not the least) is a Galaxy Caramel Pie, also costing £1.99.

It's made up of a chocolatey crust and stuffed with Galaxy caramel sauce. Oooof.

We'll have it all, please!

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