McDonald’s halloumi fries drop today alongside Mediterranean-inspired menu

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We told you this exciting McDonald’s news at the start of summer, but after a long wait, the moment has finally come…

The fast food chain has just dropped a brand new menu, and – drumroll please – it features halloumi fries. 

The mediterranean-inspired menu lands in stores today (July 27th), and it is meant to celebrate fresh and summery flavours from Cyprus and Spain. 

Landing on Maccies’ menu for the first time ever, everyone’s favourite squeaky cheese will be lightly cooked in butter and served with a rich tomato sauce.

mcdonalds halloumi fries

McDonald’s halloumi fries land today (Credit: McDonald’s)

A standard portion of halloumi fries (which is four sticks) will cost you £2.49, while a larger ‘sharing’ portion retails at £6.49.

But pssst, we won’t tell anyone if you wanna eat ’em all yourself…

Alongside the halloumi fries, there will be two new burgers and a drink available for a limited time, too. 

The burgers will be called the Spicy Spanish Stack burger and the Chicken Fiesta, and they sound pretty darn delicious. 

mcdonalds spanish stack

McDonald’s is also coming through with a delicious Spanish Stack Burger (Credit: McDonald’s)

The Spicy Spanish Stack (£5.39) will be made up of two beef patties stuffed into a paprika bun, topped with a spicy tomato sauce, red onion, lettuce, and a chilli cheddar slice.

Meanwhile, the Chicken Fiesta (£5.39) is a crispy chicken fillet in a paprika bun, featuring all the same toppings with the addition of some spicy Chorizo.

As for the drink, the Taste of Spain and Cyprus menu will also include a Spanish Fruit Punch (£2.29) – dubbed a refreshing citrusy soft drink which is perfect for the heatwave.

Obviously, to accommodate all these new launches, something has to give. So, it means we have to say goodbye to the Italian menu, which was the first part of McDonald’s summer extravaganza. 

mcdonalds chicken fiests

The Chicken Fiesta is also landing for a limited time (Credit: McDonald’s)

The menu dropped on June 8th, so we had plenty of time to try the Italian Stack and the Crispy Chicken Italiano, as well as the tiramisu McFlurry. 

But in case you need a reminder of what’s leaving the menu, the Italian Stack was made of two beef patties and topped with crispy onions, mozzarella, tomato sauce, lettuce, tomato and a rich cheese sauce, all stuffed in a herby bun.

Meanwhile, the Crispy Chicken Italiano was made with (you guessed it) a crispy chicken fillet, topped with pesto sauce, mozzarella, tomato, red onion and lettuce, inside a ciabatta style bun.

We’ll miss them, but you know what they say…as one door closes, another delicious one opens.

Anyone else thinking of sacking off their sad work lunch and heading to Maccies for a halloumi fix?