Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s unveils new summer menu featuring revamped McCrispy


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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McDonald’s new menu has been announced, and the Golden Arches is adding not one, not two but six new items.

As well as bringing back an old favourite burger, the chain is also tweaking a popular favourite – the McCrispy, with all new items available UK wide from August 2nd.

Now dubbed the McCrispy Deluxe (£6.09 or £7.79 for a meal), this revamped burger takes the chain’s much loved chicken sandwich and gives it a “special summer twist”.

As always, it’s made with 100 percent chicken breast fillet, which comes in a crispy, crunchy coating, with hot and spicy mayo for good measure.

However, the new burger also comes topped with cheese and bacon to take it up a notch. Yum.

mcdonalds new menu mccrispy deluxe

The McDonald’s new menu features a revamped McCrispy (Credit: McDonald’s)

Alongside this, the BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese (£4.29 or £5.99 for a meal) is returning, made of classic 100 percent beef patty, smoky BBQ sauce and… you guessed it, cheese.

You can also size this up and order a BBQ Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (£5.49 or £7.19 for a meal) if you’re after a proper meaty feast.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! Stock up on Cheesy Garlic Bites (£2.29) whilst you’re at it, too – with five bites in a portion, these are a tasty blend of mozzarella and Emmental cheese, coated in a garlic herb crumb, and they come alongside a rich tomato sauce. Drool.

If you wanna supersize that, you can also get a share-box for £6.49 (sharing not compulsory).

mcdonalds new menu bbq quarter pounder with cheese

The BBQ Quarter Pounder can be bought with double patties, too (Credit: McDonald’s)

For dessert, you can get your hands on a Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry and a Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry, too (both £1.99).

These are made of dairy ice cream and swirled with either Galaxy chocolate pieces and topped with a salted caramel sauce or a velvety Galaxy chocolate sauce, topped with delicious Galaxy chocolate pieces, and are also available in mini if that’s what you’re after (£1.49).

We love baring good Maccies news, and there’s more on that front, too.

If you sign up to the restaurant’s loyalty scheme you can get free fries with any purchase when you opt in to MyMcDonald’s Rewards on the App.

mcdonalds new menu cheese bites mcflurry

There will be cheese bites and the McFlurries too (Credit: McDonald’s)

You have to be a new McDonald’s Rewards customers to get this benefit, but there are loads more Rewards that come along with this new menu, so either way it’s worth checking out.

You can do so via Google Play or Apple App Store here.

Featured image: Getty/ McDonald’s

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