Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s drops new summer menu featuring new chocolate pie


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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McDonald’s has announced its new summer menu is landing this week, and it features six new dishes for fans to tuck into.

Yup, the fast food giant is bringing a whole bunch of newness to its UK branches on Wednesday 21st June – from savoury wraps to mouthwatering desserts.

The first new addition is a delightfully fresh Caesar and bacon wrap (£5.19), served with crispy lettuce and salty bacon and a creamy dressing.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on mozzarella bites for the first time (not to be confused with their mozzarella dippers).

mcdonalds new menu summer

McDonald’s new menu features four savoury bangers (Credit: McDonald’s)

These are smaller and more compact than the dippers we know and love, meaning you get more per portion. At £2.29 (or £6.29 for a share-box) they come alongside a tangy tomato dip.

Also joining the savoury menu is a double Big Mac burger, offering you more meat in every mouthful for £6.99.

Plus, the spicy sriracha chicken wrap is returning to menus, for people who want a bit of a kick to their meal. This’ll be on sale for £5.19.

This first launched in January and was such a hit that it’s back again. Aren’t Maccies nice?!

mcdonalds new menu summer biscoff mcflurry

The Biscoff McFlurry is coming… (Credit: McDonald’s)

Now, onto desserts. You likely already know that a Lotus Biscoff McFlurry is coming… but let us remind you what to expect.

Joining the pudding roster, McDonald’s has also brought back its double chocolate pie to join its usual apple pie.

mcdonalds new menu summer biscoff mcflurry chocolate pie

Double chocolate pie? Drool (Credit: McDonald’s)

Made with a chocolate crust and stuffed with hot, oozey chocolate sauce, this is one for anybody with a sweet tooth to get their hands on.

In fact, last time it was so popular that people launched a petition when Maccies stopped selling it!

The double chocolate pie will cost £1.19 and will drop at the same time as the rest of these summer bangers.

As always, the summer menu is only seasonal and won’t be around forever, so we suggest grabbing your favourites while you can.

The Caesar wrap, mozzarella bites and chocolate pie are in stores until September 5th, whilst you’ll only have until August 1st to try the McFlurry, the sriracha wrap or the double Big Mac.

Go, go, go! Maccies waits for no man…

We’ll certainly be seeing you down there tomorrow!

Featured image: Getty/ McDonald’s

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