You can buy a literal slab of parmesan in McDonald’s Italy

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s always been fascinating to look at what McDonald’s serves in other countries. In India, veggies can get their hands on a paneer burger, whilst Canada’s Maccies offers gravy drenched poutine chips.

But we couldn’t be more jealous of McDonald’s Italy’s offering: a literal chunk of Parmesan cheese.

Yep, it couldn’t get any more quintessentially Italian.

The slab of Parmigiano Reggiano can be found in the ‘snacks’ section of Italy’s McDonald’s menu, and it will set you back €1 (£0.83).

mcdonalds italy parmesan cheese

Yes, yes that is Parmesan on Italy’s Maccies menu (Credit: McDonald’s Italy)

Dubbed a ‘pocket cheese’ (which might just be our favourite term ever) the McDonald’s Italy website explains that it’s a “bar of real Parmigiano Reggiano DOP in a convenient single-serving package.

“Perfect for your Happy Meal or to accompany your salads.”

The bite-sized Parmesan has left non-Italian Maccies lovers rather jealous over on TikTok, after user @_amberjs shared a snap of it on the self-service menu whilst on holiday.


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“I live in the wrong place,” wrote one person in the comments.

Whilst another concurred: “Italian McDonald’s is so elite”.

“Take me to Italy,” said a third, tagging a mate.

The menu doesn’t stop there, either, as the TikTok also gives us a glimpse at another item up for grabs for lucky Italians: McCrunchy Bread with Nutella.

After doing a bit of research, it appears this offering is literally toasted bread with 18 grams of Nutella. Drool.

mcdonalds italy parmesan cheese

‘Pocket cheese’ needs to make it over to the UK, pronto (Credit: TikTok/

Upon perusing the menu online, our eyes were also drawn to the Panzerotti Con pomodoro e mozzarella, which are basically dinky pastry parcels, stuffed with pizza ingredients like oozy cheese and tomato, which burst out when you bite into it.

Somebody needs to have a word with Maccies UK’s recipe development team, because we need all of these items on our menu, pronto.

We mean come on, what does the UK have to compete with that? Cheese melt dippers?

mcdonald's italy panzerotti

McDonald’s Italy also sell Panzerotti – and just look at them (Credit: McDonald’s Italy)

If we’ve learnt anything else from this McDonald’s revelation, it’s that ‘pocket cheese’ should be an essential section on restaurant menus, everywhere.

It’s quite frankly a travesty this trend is yet to catch on globally, but bravo to McDonald’s Italy for bringing the cheese course to the high-street.