McDonald’s has raised its prices again on select items

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McDonald’s has announced that it has raised its prices again on select items.

The fast food giant only increased its prices six weeks ago, but this week a number of prices have creeped up again.

As of Wednesday 29th March, Maccies gave one example of its black and white coffee, stating that the price would be increasing 20p, from 99p to £1.19.

These drinks aren’t the only items getting an increase, as the chain is having to boost up several items across different branches, in line with rising inflation.

mcdonalds raising prices coffee

McDonald’s coffee is slightly pricier now (Credit: McDonald’s)

McDonald’s has said that it can’t comment on the specific products getting a price hike, seeing as it’ll vary depending on where you live in the UK, and will be at the franchise’s discretion.

The majority of McDonald’s branches are run independently by franchisees, and whilst the eatery can advise them on what prices to set, the exact costs are at the owners’ discretion.

Speaking about the upcoming price increases, a McDonald’s spokesperson told The Mirror that they ‘chose to pass on much of’ the temporary VAT cuts for businesses in 2020 during the pandemic’, but in some cases, changes were necessary.

The news of more price rises will no doubt be a blow to many, who have only just come to terms with five popular menu items becoming more expensive back in February. 

mcdonalds raising prices coffee

McDonald’s prices are rising with inflation (Credit: Alamy)

Back then, it was confirmed that items including the Triple Cheeseburger and the Bacon Mayo Chicken burger had been affected by inflation. 

You can see a full list of the dishes affected here: 

  • Mayo Chicken, increasing from 99p up to £1.19
  • Triple Cheeseburger, increasing from £2.69 up to £2.89
  • Medium carbonated drink, increasing from £1.39 up to £1.49
  • Bacon Mayo Chicken, increasing from £1.59 up to £1.79
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger, increasing from £2.49 up to £2.69
mcdonalds price increase bacon mayo chicken burger

McDonald’s price increases previously impacted the Bacon Mayo Chicken burger (Credit: McDonald’s)

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said on Wednesday: “We are committed to offering great tasting food at affordable prices.

“However, like many businesses, the impact of the increase in food and energy costs continues to affect our company and our franchisees.

“We carefully review and adjust pricing to offer great value and quality.

“At the same time, we continue to work hard on how we can provide our customers value where it matters most, with personalised offers and rewards through the MyMcDonald’s Rewards scheme.”