Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s drops Squishmallows McFlurry in Canada


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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In today’s instalment of McDonald’s menu items from around the world that we’re truly jealous of, let us show you a new dessert option for the lucky folks over in Canada.

Yup, Maccies Canada has released a Squishmallow McFlurry, and we’re so jealous.

The new McFlurry flavour comes alongside a Squishmallows Happy Meal, which is also on sale in the country while stocks last.

The Squishmallow collab is a limited time thing, but we have no doubt it’s gonna be a hit.

mcdonalds canada squishmallow mcflurry

The McFlurry comes with popping candy and fruity flavours (Credit: McDonald’s)

The McFlurry is made of vanilla soft serve and to denote their bright colours, it comes with pink popping candy and blueberry flavoured syrup on top.

The ice cream is available in regular and snack size during its run.

“We took inspiration from the vibrant and fun spirit of the Squishmallows when developing this new McFlurry and looked to bring that to life with a colourful and unique flavour combination,” Culinary Innovation Lead at McDonald’s Canada, Jeff Anderson.

“The result is a delightful sensory experience for our guests, with unconventional ingredients that complement each other, like the pink popping candy and the sweet, fruity blueberry flavoured syrup.”

In case you aren’t familiar, Squishmallows are a popular cuddly toy that come in a bunch of different smiley designs.

They were launched in 2017, and have since become a bit of a worldwide phenomenon, coming with a variety of animal looks.

Maccies haven’t announced a similar collab in the UK so it’s safe to say those of us living over here won’t be able to try this McFlurry anytime soon.

That is, unless you’re willing to hop on a plane to experience it!

Featured image: Getty/ McDonald’s

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