McDonald’s worldwide convention is serving dishes from around the globe – and we want them all

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s Worldwide Conference 2022 is currently in full swing, and it’s where staff from all the franchises get together.

As much as we love ourselves a Big Mac, on paper, it doesn’t sound like the most thrilling of events for non-Maccies employees, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s little more than a corporate get together.

But then attendees showed us the food on offer at the Orlando convention, and we quite literally couldn’t be more jealous.

Check out this video below:


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Splashing videos all over TikTok, Maccies employees have been living their best lives sampling star dishes from around the globe. And psssst, if any UK franchisees happen to be there, we hope you’re doing your market research, because we want to each all of this. 

Sharing everything she ate on her TikTok page, @smallgirlbigeatz was one of the first to get our stomachs rumbling, sharing pictures of her Matcha McFlurry from Japan, a mouthwatering Pistachio McFlurry from Italy and the UK’s Easter Creme Egg McFlurry. 

Ice cream was just part of the feast, though. She then tucked into Spain’s iconic McPops, which are like mini doughnuts filled with white chocolate and milk chocolate and hazelnut centres, and that’s before we even get started on the burgers.

Next up she tried the super-hot McSpicy chicken burger from China (which has guest starred on our UK menu before), as well as a classic Big Mac and a BLT Egg McMuffin from Canada.

As you can see there was absolutely no order to this Maccies feast…

mcdonalds food

A selection of the global food the TikToker tried (Credit: McDonald’s)

Also on the TikToker’s menu were Spicy Chicken McNuggets (which have been sold as a limited edition item at various locations around the world), Peri Peri McShaker Fries from Singapore, Deluxe Potatoes (basically, wedges) from France, the core vegan McPlant (as found in UK stores) and the Caramel Brownie McFlurry from Germany.

Phew, anyone else feeling full just reading all these?!

TikTok user, @simpsonkatie_13 also shared some of the food she and her friend – a self confessed ‘McDonald’s Dork’ – tried at the conference, including the mystical McPizza, which has been discontinued everywhere except in Florida.

What we’d do to get a taste of this…

Plus, the McDonald’s CEO did his own sampling video over on TikTok, too, just in case you still fancied more of a snoop at the food on offer.

“One of my favourite things about convention is the global menu,” he says in a clip on the corporate McDonald’s TikTok page.

He then proceeds to try Finland’s Taco McShaker Fries (which look seriously epic), the Chicken Big Mac, which is on the global core menu, and the Chips Ahoy McFlurry, from Guatemala.

Watch his thoughts on all those dishes, here: 


Our CEO taste-tested the International menu and let us tell you, he was VERY impressed. #WWC22 #FYP #ForYourPage #CEO #ChrisK #TasteTest

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We don’t know about you, but we could watch these tasting videos all day…

We’ll leave you to scroll TikTok endlessly and gawk at more of these dishes, but we couldn’t say goodbye without mentioning the international McCafe, which served attendees Germany’s Chai Latte.

UK, you gotta up your coffee game!

The McDonald’s convention takes place every two years and hosts over 15,000 attendees, all of whom work for or have links to global Maccies franchises.

This means us regular civilians sadly can’t just rock up. Although if it’s global food you’re after, you can head to their worldwide restaurant in Chicago, where tons of the above dishes are on offer.

Read more about that here.