McVitie's just launched Gold Digestives - and they sound amazing

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Who's a fan of Gold Bars? You know, the iconic 80s chocolate bars slathered in blonde chocolate...

They're a retro delight that likely give many of us a pang of nostalgia, but now they're taking on a brand new form.

Yup, what could be better than a Gold chocolate bar? Well, a Gold Digestive, that's what!

gold digestives sainsburys uk where buyGold Digestives have officially landed (Credit: McVitie's)

Combining the Digestive biscuit with the Gold chocolate bar, the new innovation see's Gold's famously caramel chocolate coating the nation's favourite sweet and savoury biccy.

Available in UK Sainsbury's supermarkets from early July (so, now!), the "indulgent little pick-me-up" is causing quite a stir on social media – and for good reason.

Sharing the news, food blog New Foods UK wrote: "New McVitie’s Gold Digestives!!! These are as good as you can imagine! Perfect dipped into a cuppa."

And reacting to the news, pandemonium erupted.

gold digestive sainsbury where buyOooof, yes please (Credit: Sainsbury's/ McVitie's)

"Now THESE I'd break my diet for," one person said.

Whilst another penned: "Bitta me these," alongside a love-heart eyed emoji.

"Absolutely need these," a third chimed in.

Chief Marketing Officer at pladis UKandI, Asl Ozen Turhan, said: "We're always listening out for what new snacks our loyal fanbase are requesting, and this is one request we couldn't resist fulfilling.

"Gold Digestives are certainly one of our most eagerly awaited launches of the year, one which brings together two of our most popular brands to create a truly unique addition to the McVitie's family.

"We can't wait to hear what our biscuit aficionados far and wide think of this winning combination."

gold digestives sainsburys uk where buyThe Gold bar is a retro fave (Credit: Reddit/CaveteCanem)

Gold Digestives join a small menu of other flavours which have emerged since 1892 – we're talking Milk, Dark, and White chocolate.

White chocolate dropped off the grid last summer, so people are certainly going to be happy that there's a similar alternative hitting shelves.

Whilst Sainsbury's was the first to stock these bad boys, other supermarkets are set to follow suit, with plans set out for the likes of Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Co-op and more to stock up, too.

Brb, we're off to try these immediately...

Featured image: McVitie's