McVitie’s brings back discontinued white chocolate digestives

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We all have a confectionary item that’s been discontinued and lives rent free in our heads.

Whether it’s the OG Lilt bottles or Milky Way Crispy Rolls, you can guarantee that someone, somewhere is lamenting the moment it left shelves, starting petitions and ranting to their mates about it at every opportunity.

Never has this been truer than with McVitie’s white chocolate digestives, which have been mourned for almost two whole decades.

But… what’s that? The brand has finally brought them back to shelves?

white chocolate digestives discontinued sainsburys

White Chocolate Digestives are BACK (Credit: McVitie’s)

Miracles do happen!

The biscuits were last on shelves in 2005, when they were launched as a limited edition offering.

They come with a classic digestive base and are covered in a thick layer of deliciously sweet white chocolate, costing £1.89 for a packet of 15 biscuits.

The biscuits are already available at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, but they’ll soon be coming to Co-op, ASDA and Morrisons, too.

Unlike last time, the biscuits are landing permanently on shelves this time – no limited edition offerings here!

Aslı Özen Turhan, chief marketing officer at Pladis UK&I, the owner of McVitie’s, said: “Our customers have been asking for white chocolate digestives for a while and we’re excited to finally bring them to the shelves.

“Knowing how much people love white chocolate and having new sweet treats to try, we couldn’t wait to make this highly anticipated addition to the digestives family.”

Speaking of white chocolate, in March KitKat released a Biscoff white chocolate Chunky… because why not?

The bars are coated with white chocolate, then, inside the Chunky you’ll find layers of the caramel-flavoured speculoos spread.

It’s tricky to find something that makes your mouth water more than Biscoff, but KitKat sure found a way.

Featured image: Pexels/ McVitie’s