Milky Way Crispy Rolls have returned to UK shelves after being discontinued

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There's nothing worse than when one of your favourite snacks gets pulled from shelves... and the Milky Way Crispy Roll is one of the biggest tragedies of them all.

The beloved chocolate bars – made with milk chocolate and wafter, sandwiched with fluffy milk cream – were discontinued by Mars Wrigley in 2022, prompting uproar around the UK.

It was such a fan favourite that people even set up petitions to bring them back.

Milky Way Crispy Rolls are back on UK shelves (Credit: Mars Wrigley)

And now their prayers have been answered, as Milky Way Crispy Rolls have been spotted on UK shelves once more.

Yup, the chocolate bars have been seen in Home Bargains, and people are very happy about it.

The budget retailer is selling the choccy bars in boxes of six, for a very cheap 99p.

The absolute [goat emoji] are back at Home Bargains," said one person on Twitter as they made the discovery.

"99 for SIX, oh my god," someone instantly responded.

While another penned: "WHAT?!?!?"

"Off I run to Home Bargains," said a fellow fanatic.

Another person commented that they'd stocked up on three packs of six immediately.

When the Milky Way Crispy Rolls were discontinued two years ago, people immediately started to revolt.

A statement from Mars Wrigley at the time read: "While Milky Way Crispy Rolls are currently in a galaxy far, far away we're pleased to offer many delicious alternatives such as Milky Way Magic Stars, Maltesers, Mars and, of course, the traditional Milky Way.

"The love for Milky Way Crispy Rolls has been out of this world and we've certainly taken note."

But almost 9000 people signed a Change.Org petition, which stated Mars Wrigley's decision was "very disappointing".

We don't have any idea how long these will be hanging around in stores, so we'd suggest checking out your local Home Bargains sooner rather than later.