Mini Cheddars rumoured to be dropping new cheese and pickle flavour

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Pickle lovers, your time is now. Jacobs is reported to be dropping a brand new flavour of Mini Cheddars, and they sound right up your street.

Yep, word on the street is the new flavour is coming to UK shelves soon, and we don’t know about you, but we’re very excited about it.

The new snack was shared on Insta food blog @UKSnackAttack, alongside a picture of the product in a bright green package.

“Pickle Mini Cheddars are coming! As a pickle lover this is going to bring me so much joy!⁣,” said the page.

On their website, they added: “These savoury snacks are the perfect combination of tangy and cheesy, making them an irresistible treat for any cheese lover out there.”

The packets are expected to cost £1.25, as per the price on the front, and will likely be available nationwide.

Whilst the news of the potential drop is hugely exciting, it hasn’t been confirmed by the folks at Jacobs yet, so we can’t 100 percent guarantee anything.

Twisted is doing some digging and we’ll get back to you as soon as we know more… 

The new Mini Cheddars aren’t the first time the cheesy crackers have added a pickle hit to their repertoire.

mini cheddars cheese and pickle branston new

You miight remember Mini Cheddars Branston Pickles too (Credit: Jacobs)

You might be familiar with Mini Cheddars’ Branston Pickle flavour, which were a hit for some time before being discontinued last year (boo).

Maybe these new crisps have been invented to fill the Branston shaped hole in Mini Cheddar fans’ lives?

Whatever the reason, we’re certainly happy to see pickle could be back on the menu.

In other crisp news, did you know that Cathedral City is set to be releasing its own cheese and onion crisps soon, too? 

mini cheddars cheese and pickle cathedral city

Don’t mind if we do (Credit: Cathedral City/ Iceland)

Yep, the cheese brand is branching into the world of fried potatoes which are going to be landing in Iceland and The Food Warehouse soon. 

Retailing at £1.25 for a 130g bag, the new crisps promise a sharp smack of cheddar – and who better to trust for the ultimate cheesy flavour?

It really is a good time to be a crisp lover, isn’t it?!