Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

‘One-in-a-billion’ perfectly round egg could sell for thousands


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Asiya Ali

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A lucky shopper found a perfectly spherical “one-in-a-billion” egg, and it could be worth thousands of pounds online.

There are loads of items where you can understand why they would be worth a fortune like a beautiful art portrait or designer clothing.

But sometimes the most questionable items demand incredibly high prices – such as this flawlessly round egg that was shared by former Channel Seven newsreader Jacqueline Felgate, which had been sent to her by a follower.


The odds of finding a perfectly spherical egg is allegedly one in a billion – making this find very lucky indeed.

She shared a video of the anomaly on social media, revealing that it was bought in a regular supermarket carton from Woolworths at Fisherman’s Bend, Melbourne, Australia.

“From a follower. Not my egg. I thought I would share this eggcellent find – in our egg carton we found a round egg, and after a quick Google realised it was one in a billion!”, Jacqueline wrote on Instagram.

“Literally one in a billion eggs are round and the last one that was found sold for over $1,400 (£754)!”, she added.

Many users couldn’t believe their shock at the perfectly sculpted specimen and demanded that finder makes money off it as one person wrote: “The kids better not have eaten it!!“ along with two money bag emojis.

Another user chimed in: “You absolutely either need to sell or frame it,” while a third commented: “Quick, get it on marketplace. Could make you rich!!”

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

The amazing find has also sparked a flurry of egg-related puns in response. One found the estimated price insane and clevely penned: “Folks buying eggs for $1400? That’s eggtortion.”

A second person remarked: “Yolkidding me,” while one more hialirously commented: “Wow! Thanks for posting. Going to check my eggs a bit more closely before they get poached now!” 

“We could be having a very expensive poached egg brekkie if we cracked it before realising it was a round egg,” they added.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Selling an egg for an extortionate amount of money is not unheard of. In fact, one of the most expensive eggs you can purchase is from the extinct Elephant Bird.

The animal was native to the island of Madagascar and was hunted to extinction around 400 years ago. Their eggs are extremely big – being 200 times the size of a chicken egg.

Back In 2013, a giant partly-fossilised Elephant Bird egg was sold at Christies for £66,675, per Daily Mail. What an eggsquisite sale!

Featured image credit: D3sign / Getty

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