Award-winning vegan burger that ‘tastes like human flesh’ divides the crowds

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Vegans they get a hard time when, really, they’re doing something commendable and worthwhile.

But we must admit, we had to double take when we saw the product one plant based meat company recently won an award for.

Anyone for an award-winning burger that tastes like… human meat?!

From Swedish brand, Oumph!, the burgers were commended for their impressive texture, which is supposed to resemble human flesh.

The burger won a silver Cannes Lions award at the International Festival of Creativity, which the company said they were “beyond happy” with.

“We can make Oumph! taste like any meat you can ever imagine” says the brand’s chef and head of innovation, Anders Linden. “We have never tasted real human meat… but I went into my kitchen and wanted to see how close I could come [with] soy protein, mushrooms, wheat protein, stock, some secret spicing (which sounds a little terrifying, if you ask us).”

The burger was made for Halloween 2021 as a quirky one-off, and it certainly captured people’s attention.

oumph vegan meat burger human flesh

Fancy a burger that tastes like… human flesh? (Credit: Oumph!)

“This is sick! Joke or not!!!!” said one person.

Whilst another wrote: “I don’t care what anyone had to say, this is disturbing af. Who the heck were the taste testers for the shit and where did they get the human meat to compare it to?”

“To market something based on the assertion it tastes like human flesh is absolutely depraved,” wrote somebody else at the time.

However, others were intrigued by the burger, and even said it tasted amazing.

“People need to grow a sense of humour,” commented someone else in response to the backlash. 

Whilst another rather glowingly penned: “This is most likely the best burger you will ever have the pleasure of eating. A real exquisite delicacy.”

oumph human flesh meat burger

The burger has divided opinion (Credit: Oumph!)

“It is perhaps telling that this seems to stoke disgust and moral outrage in people who likely don’t recognize the moral commentary this burger makes,” chimed in somebody else. “I wonder if they feel the same about horror movies and the fake skeletons and brains and such people put out for Halloween.”

LOLA MullenLowe, who are the agency responsible for the campaign, said the aim of it was to “convince” carnivores that plant based foods were now so convincing they could “replicate the taste of any meat.”

“And of course, a solution was to make a tasty plant-based human meat burger,” Tomas Ostilglia, Creative Director at the company added. 

FYI, we should confirm one final time that “no humans were injured in the development of this product” and it really is fully vegan. So, now that it’s officially award winning, would you try it?!