Pizza Hut pull all plant based meat alternatives from shelves

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Pizza Hut has removed all plant-based meat replacements from their menu, and people aren't happy about it!

Yup, they only introduced vegan Beyond Meat pepperoni last year, but now Pizza Hut is ditching the artificial meat in the UK, as per their new menu.

The menu switch also made its way onto social media, where social media page, @vegan_food_uk, shared their frustration.

pizza hut vegan meat alternative noPizza Hut's vegan meat alternatives are no more (Credit: Pizza Hut)

"What is happening?" they wrote, before theorising: "whilst it's a shame that meat alternatives are being removed (as they are clearly liked and help people move away from eating meat), it could be a supply & demand thing or it could be a move away from ultra processed foods."

You can still opt for vegan cheese on any of the veggie pizzas, so plant-based diners aren't completely alienated.

However, those who want a vegan meaty fix might be disappointed.

"Well this sucks," said one person in the comments.

While another wrote: "Their vegan pepperoni was absolutely incredible and disappeared a few months ago. Such a shame."

"@Pizzahutuk what are you doing? What do you expect us vegans to eat now?" said a third.

It wasn't all hate, though. Some vegans were happy for menus to move away from meat replacements, so long as they still had delicious pizzas to tuck into.

"As a vegan I’d like to see actual vegan options where a meat alternative isn’t the only option," someone else chimed in.

vegan pizza hut meat alternativeVegans can still get plant-based cheese on pizzas (Credit: Getty)

"Not all vegans want 'meat alternatives,' I get why they are there but the choices in general are just poor. What’s wrong with a good vegan margherita pizza".

We don't yet know what drove Pizza Hut to make the menu change, but Twisted has reached out to them for comment.

What do you think of their decision?

Featured image: Pizza Hut