Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

People are going wild over new crisps that are basically pom-bear pringles


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by James Kay

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Remember those bear-shaped crisps that our parents would put in our packed lunches? Well, you may be pleased to hear that they will be coming back with a twist.

Our childhood favourite snacks will evolve into a new brand known as Pom-Bear Crizzlies and they will come in three scrumptious flavours: original, paprika, and sour cream.

The treats are still bear-shaped, but instead of being mini bears in a small packet, they’ll be larger in size and stacked like Pringles.

The exciting news was announced on Instagram by @uksnackattack in a post that read:  “Pom-Bear lovers far and wide, do I have news for you! Coming out soon in the EU, and then followed by the UK are the one, the ONLLLYYYYYY POM BEAR CRIZZLIES!⁣

“Imagine a Pringle and Pom-Bear had a child, and it came in three flavours:⁣ Pom Bear Crizzlies Original, Pom Bear Crizzlies Paprika⁣ , and Pom Bear Crizzlies Sour Cream⁣,” they continued. 

Upon hearing the tasty news, many users on the social media platform rushed to the comment section to share their excitement.

One excited fan wrote: “Wow these look good!” and another user shared: “My mum loves pom bears, I’m pretty sure she would love these as well.”

A shocked user couldn’t believe the news and commented: “WHAT?! I was laughing to myself while scrolling down to see the ‘this isn’t real btw’ part but THIS IS REAL?!” while a commentator simply remarked: “I want these.”

And lastly, one fan said: “I feel like this is the salty snack I’ve been missing all my life,” 

Me too.

Credit: Instagram

In conclusion, Pom Bear Crizzlies are the perfect combo of Pringles and Pom Bears and are currently available in the Netherlands under the Pom-Bar name. So, it’s only a matter of time before they hit supermarket shelves in the UK.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these treats and get ready to try these delicious new flavours. 

Happy snacking!

Featured image credit: Juanmonino/Getty/KP Snacks
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