Feeling lazy? You can now buy Christmas dinner Pot Noodle

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There’s being a lazy cook and then there’s sacking off cooking Christmas dinner and eating it in Pot Noodle form instead.

But as much as we hate to say it (especially given the array of delicious festive recipes we have on site) we’re sure that some of you would secretly choose the latter.

The good news is that if that’s you then you can rejoice, because Pot Noodle has released its legendary Christmas Dinner flavour once again, after a 12 year hiatus.

pot noodle christmas dinner flavour

Pot Noodle’s festive flavour has defrosted after a long break (Credit: Pot Noodle)

Yup, said to have first landed all the way back in 2010, the festive favourite is back on shelves at last – and this time it’s being dubbed Pot Noel (see what they did there?!).

Christmas Dinner Pot Noodle

The news was first spilled by food blog, @newfoodsuk, who posted a snap of the new flavour on Instagram.

Unlike an actual Christmas dinner, which can be costly, a 100g tub of Christmas Dinner Pot Noodle will set you back just £1.20. Don’t expect quite the same flavours, but for a Pot Noodle it’s pretty damn tasty.

The noodles come swimming in a broth which is gravy and stuffing flavour, offering a festive twist on the classic budget meal.

You’ll have to head to ASDA if you want to get your hands on one of the Pot Noodles, and they’re only available over the festive season, natch.

When the product was announced online, excitement was palpable, proving that more than a few of us would opt for a festive Pot Noodle if we are really being honest with ourselves.

“That’s Christmas Dinner done this year! Cheap and cheerful,” said one.

Whilst another tagged a loved one and wrote: “You don’t have to cook this year, just stick the kettle on”.

A little like us, another described themselves as being “both curious and disgusted” by the innovation.

Pot Noodle Christmas Cracker

The Christmas Dinner Pot Noodle isn’t just available on its own. For extra festive fun, you can also get it as part of a Pot Noodle Christmas Cracker.

Forget a naff joke and a corkscrew, what could be better than pulling a giant cracker stuffed full of Pot Noodles on Christmas Day?

Inside the cracker, you get two classic flavours – Original Curry and Chicken and Mushroom – as well as the Christmas Dinner flavour, too.

This bad boy is super limited edition and only available in ASDA’s stores at the moment, so we’d suggest sprinting down to your local to hunt this one out.