Someone’s made a map of every Pret that sells iced coffee

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ICYMI, it’s suddenly summer – and we mean ice creams in the park, factor 50 suncream and working from the balcony kinda weather. Seriously, where did this heatwave come from?!

So we were pretty happy to discover that one TikToker has made a map of every Pret A Manger that is selling iced coffees and smoothies ATM.

We can all agree she’s a true hero of our time.

pret iced coffee

Let’s face it, it’s iced coffee weather (Credit: Pret A Manger)

The map is made my a girl called Molly Wyss, who goes by @mollywyss on the video sharing app, and it cleverly marks every single Pret with an ice machine on a UK map, so that people can get their cold drink fix when they need it.

You can find the map here, and a glimpse of it below: 

pret a manger ice coffee map

Not all heroes wear capes (Credit: Google Maps/ Molly Wyss)

Many of us live for a daily coffee fix (or at least a cheeky one when we’re in the office or out and about), but let’s face it, there isn’t much appeal in a piping hot coffee right now.

But Molly’s map changes that, showing exactly how near your nearest Pret is with cold drinks on tap.

She’s done it thoroughly, too, marking off 242 options for people to travel to across England, Scotland and Wales.

All you have to do is zoom in on your local area and Bob’s your uncle. You can also use the side bar to search more precisely, by counties or cities, and there’s a handy list on the left of the page which details the name of each and every branch.

pret iced coffee

Does your local Pret deliver? (Credit: Alamy)

Of course, all this is just the work of one woman, and we can’t guarantee her list is exhaustive and there aren’t a few Pret stores that have slipped through the net.

But we have to admire her commitment to our hydration in this hot weather, nonetheless.

Reacting as Molly shared the news of her map on TikTok, it’s safe to say people were thankful.


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“I could kiss u,” wrote one person in response.

Whilst another gushed that she was doing “god’s work”.

“I’m about to cry thank u!!!,” messaged another.

It’s the little things in life, ey guys?!