Pumpkin spice lattes are returning to Starbucks this week

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Ready to say goodbye to summer? Well, you’d better be.

Starbucks has announced the return date of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte in the UK, and it’s sooner than you think.

The cult hot drink, favoured by basic bitches across the country, is making a return to stores this week, with the date now confirmed by the high street coffeeshop.

pumpkin spice latte starbucks

Pumpkin spice latte is returning to Starbucks (Credit: Starbucks)

It’s available to buy from Thursday 1st September, so you only have to wait two more days before you can get your hands on it.

And then it’s basically Halloween, right?

In case you aren’t familiar with the PSL, it’s basically espresso mixed with steamed milk and a pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove spice mix. 

It’s autumnal, it’s comforting, and it’s sweet.


Starbucks is getting ready for autumn (Credit: Alamy)

You can top the drink with whipped cream and more pumpkin-pie spices, if you fancy.

It comes alongside another new menu item – the pumpkin cold brew, which has been a popular drink in the US for a while now.

The PS cold brew is basically what it says on the tin, a cold brew coffee infused with vanilla and pumpkin cream foam.

On the new menu addition, Just Cluysenaer, Food and Beverage Director at Starbucks, said: “Each year, our customers eagerly anticipate the return of the PSL, knowing that it officially marks the change in season.

“We’ve already made great advances in cold coffee innovation, and with a growing number of our customers drinking their coffee iced all year round, this year we are delighted to introduce a new iced, pumpkin beverage.

pumpkin spice cold brew

Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew is also adding to the website (Credit: Starbucks)

“Combining two of our customer’s favourite tastes, iconic pumpkin spice and our refreshing cold brew, each sip of pumpkin cream cold brew will deliver the familiar, creamy flavour of pumpkin spice followed by the uplifting coffee flavour of Starbucks cold brew”.

In case PSL wasn’t your jam, the new Starbucks menu also sees the return of the iced salted maple and caramel lattes.

Whether you like your coffee with a hint of pumpkin spice or not, there’s no denying the 1st of September is an exciting day for Starbucks lovers.