Cheers to that: Pub opening hours extended across England and Wales for Queen’s Jubilee

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Pubs and restaurants are extending their opening hours in England and Wales over the June bank holiday, in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Hours will be extended from 11pm to 1am from Thursday 2nd June to Saturday 4th June, and the longer licensing hours will be a chance for people to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year as a reigning monarch.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “For 70 years Her Majesty The Queen has served the UK and the Commonwealth with the utmost dignity, steadfastness and resolve.

queen jubilee

The change in opening hours is to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (Credit: Alamy)

“The Platinum Jubilee is a truly historic national occasion, which will see families, friends and communities across the country come together to celebrate this unprecedented landmark in a remarkable reign.

“Over the extended Bank Holiday weekend, we will be able to raise a glass to toast Her Majesty’s incredible service to our country, while also providing a boost to the hospitality industry after a challenging couple of years.”

Punters will get a few more hours to celebrate in the pub (Credit: Alamy)

The change is to be made Under Section 172 of the 2003 Licensing Act, because the weekend is one of ‘exceptional national significance’.

It’ll come after a consultation in parliament today, where MPs are set to pass the order.

Whilst the ruling does mean we all get a few more hours in the boozer, it won’t extend to venues other than pubs that sell alcohol to be drunk off the premises, like off-licences and supermarkets.

Such exceptions have been made before, on similar occasions, such as the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 2011 wedding celebrations.

pubs extend opening hours

The bank holiday fun starts here (Credit: Unsplash)

We were also given extended licensing hours for the Euro 2020 final, as well as of course, sporting events like the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Over the bank holiday, national celebrations will be taking place including a concert at Buckingham Palace and a carnival pageant on London’s streets.

Cheers for the extra hours in the pub, Your ‘Maj.