Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Slush Puppie launches brand new fizzy drink in two iconic flavours


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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Have you heard the news? The Slush Puppie brand will be expanding with its new soda drinks. 

Yup, you won’t just have to be the cinema to enjoy those flavours anymore!

Nichols PLC – the international drinks business responsible for making “life taste better since 1908” – is introducing the popular brand into the flavoured carbonates category with the launch of Slush Puppie Fizzie.

The new drink will be available in grocery, wholesale, and convenience stores across the UK this month in its well-known Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavours.

Fans of the frozen brand can purchase it in both 2-litre bottles at the price of £1.49 and also in smaller 500ml bottles for just £1.

Check out Slush Puppie Fizzie below:

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The recipes for both flavours are no added sugar, only natural ingredients, and are HFSS-compliant, as reported by Talking Retail.

The launch of the sodas will enable the brand – which has a 50 year legacy and is available in 40 countries worldwide – to help maximise its sales and develop an excitement for its customers.

According to the outlet, Jenny Powell, Nichols marketing manager, spoke about SLUSH PUPPiE FIZZiE and said: “We have seen that, of all the occasions that drive consumers to purchase, the need for enjoyment is in growth by +8% percent giving retailers an opportunity to provide shoppers with something fresh and memorable.”

“The new Slush Puppie Fizzie range will do just that, allowing consumers to extend those special moments of enjoyment by delivering the retro, nostalgic taste of Slush Puppie that they know and love in an exciting new format,” she added.

slush puppie fizzie drinks fizzy

These are going to be nostalgic AF (Credit: Stephen Barnes/Food and Drink / Alamy)

Powell also revealed to Grocery Trader that the business is aiming to “delight consumers  with a fresh way to experience those iconic flavour,” adding: “We already know that our Gen Z audience, in particular, is excited and engaged with the concept.”

“In fact, the results of a recent consumer taste test revealed that 79 percent of participants would purchase the product, and 2/3 of participants found the product ‘new and different,’” she concluded.

Unfortunately for anyone in the States, there aren’t any plans for the drinks to roll out over there, yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

The flavours would make great mixers for cocktails! We can’t wait to get our hands on these ready for the warmer weather!

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