This is not a drill – Sonic has just brought out Dill Pickle Fries

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We’ve got some news for you guys, and it’s kind of a big ‘dill.

Sonic Drive-in has just dropped two new menu items, and pickles are the stars of the show.

The launch is a limited-edition run, and will see a Big Dill Cheeseburger and Dill Pickle Fries landing on menus across the US chain.

The cheeseburger is stuffed with crispy pickle fries and crinkle cut pickle slices, as well as a dill-infused ranch sauce. Alongside all the pickley fillings, the burger will feature a seasoned beef patty, chopped lettuce and American cheese, in a toasted brioche bun.

Sonic’s pickle burger looks like an absolute dream (Credit: Sonic Drive-In)

As you might expect, the pickle fries are literally dill pickles cut into the shape of… well, fries, and deep fried.

“Our Sonic guests know that they’ll be able to find something new, unexpected, and totally craveable every time they visit their local drive-in,” said Mackenzie Gibson, vice president of culinary & menu innovation at Sonic.

“As we roll into summer, we wanted to make pickles the star of the show with these two new items that provide the ultimate pickle experience.”

Let’s be real, the Pickle Fries are the main event (Credit: Sonic Drive-In)

Both menu items are due to launch on May 2nd, until June 26th – and if you have the Sonic app, you can snag them earlier (from April 25th).

We wouldn’t sleep on these, if we were you, because Sonic have specified that they may be taken off the menu earlier, as they’re only available whilst stock lasts.

Alongside the new menu items, Sonic has also brought back its Brownie Batter and Yellow Cake Batter Shakes.

Unfortunately, for any hungry Twisted readers from the UK, there aren’t any Sonic branches over here, which means we won’t be able to try these for ourselves.

Americans are going to want to head to Sonic, ASAP (Credit: Alamy)

Americans are lucky, though. There are 3,500 locations across the States, so the chances are there’s going to be one near enough to you right now to ensure a speedy pickle fix. Check out their store location here. 

Americans, you know what to do. Get down to Sonic, stat.