Pickle wine spritzers now exist and OMG

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If you’re a lover of all things pickles, then you’re going to want to pay attention, because you can now get your hands on pickle wine.

People have a love-hate relationship with pickles, but those that love them REALLY love them and there’s no end to the things that will be turned into a pickle flavour.

So why not make pickles boozy by launching a dill flavoured wine? We’re listening…

The wine-based cocktail company Spritz Society has teamed up with the famous pickle purveyor Claussen to create a beverage with a bit of a twist.

If you think this is all an elaborate joke, then you aren’t alone – because the idea actually did start off as an April Fool’s joke by the company, but it seems like there was a genuine demand for the product.

So much so, that the dream turned into a reality and now you can get drunk while enjoying the tangy taste of a pickle.

Brand Manager at Claussen Lizzy Goodman said: “Claussen is thrilled to enter the beverage space for the first time and bring our dill-icious pickle flavour to a sparkling wine cocktail.

“With pickle being such a craveable food, we are excited to hear the response from our pickle lovers and think everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the unique, refreshing taste of a pickle-flavoured sparkling wine cocktail.”

Each can is full of all-natural flavours and has an alcohol content of 6 percent, so you can easily enjoy a night out while enjoying your pickles.

Ben Soffer, Founder and CEO of Spritz Society said: “At Spritz Society, our community is one of the most important elements of the brand and their input is crucial in everything we do.

“Nearly a year after launching this idea as an April Fools’ joke and continuing to get requests for a pickle flavour daily, we are thrilled to be teaming up with Claussen® to bring Pickle to life. Knowing that Claussen® also prioritizes high-quality and premium ingredients made them the perfect partner for this collaboration and we are so excited for everyone to try it!”

The product is available on with two packs of four costing $50 (£39) – but only for a limited time!

Featured image: Spritz Society/Claussen