You can buy a literal gallon of Tabasco sauce

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Are you one of those people who has to tip hot sauce on absolutely everything? Does your measly little jar always run out after a couple of meals?

Well, we’ve got some news for you…

Tabasco is selling its hot sauces in literal *gallon-sized jugs*, so you can basically guarantee yourself a lifelong supply of the stuff.

You can get the hefty hot sauce jugs in all the Tabasco flavours: Original Red, Chipotle, Green Jalapeño, Habanero, Garlic Pepper, Sweet and Spicy and Buffalo Style.

For the ultimate hot sauce drizzling convenience (and to avoid accidentally spilling a gallon of hot sauce onto your dinner) you also receive a pump with your container.

tabasco sauce gallon

Fancy a gallon of Tabasco? (Credit: Tabasco)

The gigantic hot sauce tubs aren’t new – they’ve actually been around for a while – but they’ve been hiding under the radar, and a lot of hot sauce fanatics are only just discovering they exist.

The gallons of Tabasco will set you back £62 (or $49.99 over in the states), which sounds like a lot, but offers you a whole year of hot sauce (apart from if you buy the Sweet and Spicy, which has a shelf life of six months).

They haven’t always been so readily available online, previously selling out quickly and mainly being stocked in Luisiana, where Tabasco originated.

So, we’d suggest stocking up quickly if you want one – whether for a Christmas present or to fill your own larder.

You can get ’em on the Tabasco country store, which sells the gallons and so much more.

tabasco sauce

Tabasco sauce fanatics, listen up (Credit: Alamy)

Tabasco sauce has been a beloved store cupboard staple for decades – in fact, it was first produced over 150 years ago.

Since it landed back in 1869, Tabasco claims it has only slightly tweaked the recipe of its original hot sauce, made from salt, Tabasco chile peppers, and vinegar.

They must be doing something right for people to still be buying it by the gallon…