You can now get paid £1000 to eat Greggs, McDonald’s and Subway

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A company is looking to recruit Takeaway Testers to pay £1000 in exchange for eating a bunch of their favourite fast foods.

Yep, not only will you be able to scoff food from McDonald’s, Greggs and Subway, you’ll also be able to call it your job, and pick up a tidy pay cheque for doing so. 

Online marketplace is looking to recruit six testers whose job it will be to signpost the best fast food options for tradespeople.

Your job will be to taste test a selection of meals which have previously been voted in the top 20.

Let me get this straight – you wanna pay me to eat a Big Mac? (Credit: Alamy)

The company will give you a month to complete the takeaway tasting, and at the end they’ll hand you an £1000 salary. Plus, you’ll also get free food. Win, win.

Some of the meals on offer include a meatball marinara sub from Subway and a large Big Mac.

Once you’ve eaten your food, you’ll be required to keep a diary where you log how you feel after eating the meal, noting factors like energy levels and overall how satisfied you were with the scran.

The website is then going to work alongside a a nutritionist to create the ultimate guide for tradespeople living busy lives.

subway takeaway tester

Like Subway? You can taste test that, too (Credit: Subway/ Instagram)

Samuel Hunt co-founder of, said: “If you head into your local Greggs or McDonald’s early morning or at lunchtime it’s very likely you’ll see tradesmen getting their fuel for the day.

“Although fast food has negative connotations, for tradespeople those meals are convenient fuel for them!

“In trade jobs you’re physically put to work and as a result, burn lots of calories, so a substantial meal is a necessity to keep you full, satisfied and energised throughout the working day.

“We’re really excited to launch this experiment. As we will work with a nutritionist on the findings, we’re looking forward to sharing the best ‘fast food’ meals to eat when on the job with our community. If you wouldn’t mind getting paid to test some of the UK’s favourite fast food, please apply now!”

You don’t need any experience to take on the role (other than loving the odd takeaway, obvs). The only condition is that you need to be at least 18 to apply. 

There’ll be Greggs’ cheese and onion pastys a plenty (Credit: Alamy)

To throw your name into the ring, you can apply here. Applications close on Friday 27th May, so you only have a few weeks to prove that you’d be the perfect candidate.

If you don’t get the gig, there are other opportunities offering to pay you to eat, too – although they might be somewhat less appealing.

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