You can now buy a candle that smells like Lucky Charms cereal

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Who doesn’t love a scented candle? Shove on some comfy slippers, light a match and life is about as luxurious as you can get.

But as much as we appreciate a candle that smells of lavender or summer berries, we may just have discovered our favourite new scent ever.

Target is selling candles which smell like your favourite breakfast cereals, and it might just be our favourite homeware innovation, like, ever.

general mills candles cereal scented

Anyone for a candle which smells like cereal? (Credit: General Mills/ Target)

With scents like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms and Trix, created by General Mills, the cereal scented candles are moreishly sweet and delightfully nostalgic, filling your room with the aroma of the breakfast you indulged in as a kid (and, let’s face it, probably still scoff, now).

There are also candles which smell like Cocoa Puffs and Honey Nut Cheerios, so literally everybody’s tastebuds (or should we say noses) are catered to.

Unfortunately for Brits, the candles are only available in the States for lucky Americans to get their hands on.

lucky charms

Fancy a candle that smells like Lucky Charms? (Credit: Alamy)

They’re available to shop on as well as in all Target stores, and come in a range of sizes (costing $5-$10, which is around £4-£8). Sizes include an 11 ounce candle, a three-wick 12 ounce candle, a three-wick 13.5 ounce candle, as well as a single wick four-ounce candle.

There are also various designs to choose from, such as those decorated like the cereal box their respective flavours come in, and those covered in pictures of said cereal.

cereal general mills target

The candles come in a whole range of designs (Credit: Target/ General Mills)

You can also order candles designed with cereal imagery and the name of the cereal on the outside. Plus, there’s a design which comes in what look like small glass containers of milk.

If you’re after a gift set, which features three of the five ounce candles in a selection, you can bag one of two different pre-packed options for $15 (£12).

Phew, quite a selection, eh?

cereal general mills lucky charms

Want your home to smell like your breakfast? (Credit: General Mills)

Naturally, these aren’t the most prestige candles on the market right now, but there’s no denying they’re a damn bargain.

And who wouldn’t want their house to smell of Lucky Charms or Cheerios?

The only risk is that you’ll almost certainly be craving breakfast foods all day. Better stock up on cereal, too…