Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

PSA: Terry’s Chocolate Orange ice creams are coming


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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What could be better than Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you might ask? How about Terry’s Chocolate Orange ice cream?

Yup, the much loved product is being revamped ‘with a frozen twist’, and is landing on UK shelves in two forms this month.

Fans of the fruity chocolate will be able to buy it two ice cream forms – tubs and sticks – and they’ll be available exclusively at Iceland.

terrys chocolate orange ice cream

Terry’s chocolate orange ice cream is here (Credit: Terry’s Chocolate Orange)

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Both products will be made with the very best chocolate orange ice cream swirled chocolate orange sauce.

The sticks will come coated in a chocolate shell, and will come in packs of four.

Sharing the news via its social media pages, Terry’s said: “Clear out your freezer…introducing our brand new Terry’s Ice Cream range.

“The chocolate orange flavour you know and love, but with a frozen twist.

“Our delicious tub and ice cream sticks are coming to selected Iceland stores later this month, so watch this space.”

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We don’t yet have an official date that the ice creams will drop on Iceland shelves, but we know it’s in the coming weeks.

As you can imagine, the ice creams provoked quite a reaction online.

“I’ll take your entire stock!!!!!,” said one person.

Whilst another penned: “OH MY GOD.”

Several people from other countries were seething with jealousy too, with Terry’s Chocolate Orange lovers from Australia and the US begging the chocolate brand to drop the products in their areas, too.

This isn’t the very first time Terry’s has released an ice cream flavour.

In 2012, Fredericks Dairies dropped Terry’s Chocolate Orange ice cream sticks, although they were slightly different.

terrys chocolate orange ice cream

The old Terry’s Chocolate ice creams were vanilla (Credit: Fredericks Dairies)

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They were made with vanilla ice cream swirled with a chocolate orange sauce, covered in milk chocolate infused with orange oil.

The limited ice creams were bestsellers in the run-up to Christmas 2012, and remained in some UK supermarkets for some time.

However, now the new ice cream products are here to take the spotlight.

Terry’s is yet to reveal whether any other supermarkets will stock the products going forward, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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