TikToker reveals ingenious hack to make a no-spill burger

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A TikTok user has seemingly solved the one problem with a burger, by creating one that doesn’t let the fillings fall out.

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re served a delicious burger – but a couple of bites in and everything has started to slide out from between the buns.

At best, it’s a bit of a mess – at worst, you end up losing half of your meal as it falls on the floor. In both cases, it’s highly inconvenient.

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However, one simple switch to the tried-and-tested burger can make the eating experience a whole lot easier.

A TikTok user by the name of @mydelikitchen has revealed an ingenious hack to create a better burger – by switching out the bun in favor of a wrap instead.

He began: “Let’s be real, there is a fundamental design flaw in burgers that needs to be addressed. The fillings can easily fall out of the bottom because it’s completely open.”

By ‘bottom’, we’re assuming he means between the two buns when you lift them to your mouth… because a bun so soggy the whole bottom drops out is a whole different issue entirely.

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“I propose that all burgers be made as crunch wraps from now on,” the user suggested.

He told his followers: “Switch your burger bun for a brioche wrap cause… crunch wraps (and don’t forget to make air fryer nachos with the scraps!)”

In the accompanying clip, the user replaces the buns with a soft brioche wrap before adding in a series of delicious ingredients.

The wrap is filled with beef, onion, tomato, cheese, burger sauce and a bunch of other tasty treats, before being folded into a ‘burger’ shape.

The faux burger is then grilled to seal in the ingredients within the wrap, before being cut in half and presumably devoured.

There’s nothing worse than spilling half your burger while trying to eat it. Credit: AAC / Alamy

But the key takeaway from the whole experience is… the ingredients are safely ensconced within the wrap, rather than falling out from increasingly soggy buns.

Viewers were over the moon to find a solution to the common problem, replying: “This actually looks REALLY GOOD.”

Another added: “I’m mesmerised!”, while a third commented: “this is a very good idea.”

Some, however, pointed out that while the components of the burger are held in place… it probably doesn’t actually count as a burger by definition.

One joked: “That, my friend, is a burrito,” while another commented: “I feel like a pita pocket could pretty easily solve your problem.”

A viewer also pointed out another issue, adding: “You’ve got a fundamental flaw in your plan… I like bread.”

Fair enough!

Featured image credit: Brent Hofacker / Alamy