Tropicana makes cereal to eat with orange juice instead of milk

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ever run out of milk and settled for orange juice on your cereal? No?

Well, Tropicana are so sure the combo works that they’re releasing a cereal that’s meant to be doused in OJ rather than dairy.

For National Orange Juice Day, which falls on May 4th, the brand is releasing a cereal which is made specifically for the fruit juice.

Orange Juice cereal, anyone? (Credit: Tropicana)

The granola has been dubbed “the first-ever breakfast cereal created to pair with Tropicana Pure Premium so you can sip your sunshine and eat it, too.”

And the best part it is it’s absolutely free. Yep, Tropicana is so proud of the cereal that they’re giving the stuff away.

UK residents unfortunately won’t be able to try the cereal, as it’ll only be available in the US, at, for a limited time only starting on OJ Day itself.

Would you switch out your milk? (Credit: Alamy)

The cereal is essentially “honey almond clusters,” which, according to Food and Wine, Tropicana designed to withstand the acid notes from the orange juice.

The clusters also go soggy slower than flakes, whilst the sweet honey and almond flavour notes counteract the slight sourness of the fruit.

The box comes with a “paper sipping straw inside,” should you want to drink up your OJ afterwards.

We’re still working out how we feel about this concoction (Credit: Tropicana)

Tropicana describes the cereal as “an unforgettable breakfast experience” – and truth be told, we’re not entirely sure how we feel about it.

Orange juice is obviously already part of many people’s breakfast routine, so would adding it to your cereal really be that bad?

We can kinda see it working, although we will say cereal with milk is pretty great… and hey, you know what they say, if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it.