Big news – Twisted and Iceland join forces for new range

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Have you ever wanted to try some of our most extra Twisted dishes in real life? Well… (drumroll please) let us introduce you to our new Twisted Iceland range, which will now allow you to do just that.

Yep, if you have ever drooled over our giant burgers, quirky kebabs, and extravagant pasta dishes but haven’t quite had time to make them for yourself, then we have some exciting news for you.

Determined to give everyone the Twisted experience whenever they darn well please, we’ve partnered with Iceland and The Food Warehouse to knock up a range of six incredible fusion dishes for you to eat at home.

Of course, our Twisted recipes will always be to hand – but sometimes you just want to pull something easy out of the freezer, and why shouldn’t that be a Chicken Tikka Lasagne or a Footlong Pig In Blanket?

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Speaking about the new range, Twisted Co-Creator and Creative Director Tom Jackson said: “Not only are Iceland an iconic British retailer with an unrivalled approachability – always putting the consumer first – they have a bold, progressive vision and a creative edge that aligns perfectly with Twisted’s values.

“I can’t imagine a more fitting partner with whom to release our first-ever range of products for retail. We can’t wait to get our exciting, innovative products in the freezers for Iceland shoppers and Twisted fans alike to cop a taste and, most importantly, have lots of fun.”

Meanwhile, Oliver Gilding, Trading Manager of Exclusive Brands at Iceland, said: “Twisted brings a fresh and unique approach to cooking and we can’t wait to introduce some of their recipes exclusively to Iceland customers.

“We’re on board with throwing the rule book out the window and getting creative in the kitchen, because as Twisted say… ‘unserious food tastes seriously good’.

twisted iceland range

You’re going to want to head to your nearest Iceland now (Credit: Alamy)

“This latest partnership is key to our strategy of developing fun and innovative products that we know our customers will love and we can’t wait for everyone to try them.

“We have spent months tasting and developing different dishes with the Twisted social team, and have planned everything right down to the last detail from the ingredients used to the presentation and packaging. I am very proud of the range we have developed and I can’t wait for our customers to try the range of delicious tasting products.”

Intrigued? We’ve got all the details below…

Twisted Iceland Range

Not only are all the dishes in the Twisted Iceland range speedy to cook, they’re also affordable, and (most importantly) they’re absolute showstoppers.

Looking for something to spark a lively conversation around the dinner table? Then allow our deliciously unserious food to do just that.

Here’s the lowdown on all of the products:

Hunter’s Chicken Waffle Fries

twisted iceland range hunter chicken waffles

Introducing our Hunter’s Chicken Waffle Fries (Credit: Iceland/ Twisted)


£4.00 for a 400g serving

About the product:

These crispy lattice shaped potatoes come coated in an addictive spicy seasoning and topped with seared chicken breast strips and a smoky tomato and bacon sauce.

There’s mozzarella for you to melt on top of them, too – naturally.

After trying these, you’ll never want to eat normal potato waffles again.

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Lasagne Filled Yorkshire Pudding

twisted lasagne filled yorkshire pudding

Lasagne filled Yorkshire pud, anyone? (Credit: Iceland/ Twisted)


£4.00 for a 370g serving

About the product:

Who loves lasagne? And what about Yorkshire puds? Combine the two and you’re left with a dynamic duo you never knew you needed.

Expect a delightfully meaty lasagne with tomato sauce and plenty of cheese baked lovingly inside a fluffy Yorkshire pudding, so you can mop up every last morsel.

It sounds a little bonkers, but meat and Yorkshire puds are nothing new – this just jazzes things up a bit.

Chicken Tikka Lasagne topped with Bombay Potatoes

twisted iceland range chicken tikka lasange

The chicken tikka lasagne is quintessentially Twisted (Credit: Iceland/ Twisted)


£4.00 for a 400g serving 

About the product: 

This bad boy is about as Twisted as they come. The Chicken Tikka Lasagne sees Indian and Italian food come together in joyous union.

As the name suggests, in this dish you’ll find chicken tikka curry slathered between lasagne sheets, and the whole thing is topped with Bombay potatoes, for an extra spice kick.

We have no problem messing with two classics when it turns out this good.

Meat Feast Pasta with BBQ Sauce

twisted iceland range meat feast pasta

Meaty pasta slathered in BBQ sauce… what’s not to love? (CredIt: Iceland/ Twisted)


£4.00 for a 450g serving 

About the product: 

This delightful dish is made with strozzapreti pasta, which is a stretched out form of cavatelli, and it comes coated in a spicy barbecue sauce with plenty of meat for good measure.

Mixed in with your pasta you’ll find minced beef, smoky ham, tender pork meatballs, and smoked pepperoni slices. Does that sound like enough of a meat feast for you?

The whole thing is coated in mozzarella for good measure, too. It’s a messy, meaty BBQ delight.

2 XXL Double Cheeseburger Kebabs

twisted iceland range cheeseburger kebab

It wouldn’t be a Twisted range without a giant kebab (Credit: Iceland/ Twisted)


£6.00 for a 480g serving (two kebabs)

About the product: 

You didn’t think we’d do a Twisted supermarket range without a supersized kebab, did you? In fact…here, have two.

The XXL Double Cheeseburger Kebab is inspired by your favourite fast-food chain’s cheeseburger, except instead of putting it in a bun, we’ve popped that tender beef and pork meat onto a skewer and included a ridiculously moreish burger sauce on the side.

Top the whole thing with smoked bacon, diced gherkins, and plenty of cheese and you’re in business.

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2 XXL Footlong Pigs in Blankets

twisted iceland range footlong pigs in blankets

We take your pigs in blanket and raise you a footlong version (Credit: Iceland/ Twisted)


£6.00 for a 600g serving (two pigs in blankets).

About the product: 

Who said pigs in blankets were just for Christmas? We say, they can and should be a delicacy enjoyed all year round.

As you know, we don’t do anything by halves here at Twisted, so we’ve given the piggy treat a size upgrade and created a giant version (it’s a foot long, to be precise).

It’s made of pork sausage wrapped in smoky bacon and cheese, and you get two in a pack, because we’re nice like that.

The Twisted Iceland range dropped online on Iceland’s website on Sunday 26th March, and is also available in Iceland and Food Warehouse stores now. Find your nearest branch here.

If you fancy stocking up, you can also get the XXL Cheeseburger Kebabs and the Footlong Pigs In Blankets on a two for £10 deal. Go, go, go!

A little bit of info about Twisted

Now, you’re probably a Twisted fan already (who can blame you?), but if by some chance our Iceland range has led you to this page for the first time, then we’ll tell you a little bit about us.

With 40 million followers, we’re the UK’s largest food media brand on social, and we’ve built an audience thanks to our love of flavours from around the world and our passion for trying new and exciting culinary combinations.

These products are just the latest way you can try our food for yourself at home. You can also check out all of our recipes on the Twisted site.