Uber Eats reveals its funniest and most bonkers customer requests

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Uber Eats has released its 2022 cravings report, which includes some of the most hilarious and downright bonkers customer requests restaurants have received over the last year.

Yup, if you’ve ever been that guy that’s asked for your pasta delivery to come with a side of ranch, or pleaded for extra cheese on top of your triple cheese burger, then you might find it comforting to know that you’re not alone.

In fact, there are people asking restaurants and delivery drivers to jump through much more crazy hoops so that they can get satisfy their quirky food cravings.

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Uber Eats have revealed the weirdest requests people have made (Credit: Alamy)

Here are some of the best from the last year: 

Our personal favourite Uber Eats request comes from one customer, who made no bones about the way dairy affected their bowels (and ordered it anyway.)

“[W]ould you be so kind and put a disturbing amount of butter on my grilled cheese? Like, you’re going to need the Red Cross Emergency Rapid Response team on site and provide me with astronaut diapers — just in case,” the Uber Eats customer wrote.

Meanwhile, another pleaded: “My wife loves pizza. She refuses to order it, but then she ends up eating mine every time I order it. The problem is that dairy tears her stomach apart.

“There are times when we debate whether we need to summon an exorcist. It’s a struggle each time to act as if we don’t notice, but we persevere because we love her.

“I’m begging you, please, for the sake of our weekend, please do not add cheese. If you must, please add as little as possible.”

Perhaps a little TMI, but we can feel the desperation behind this one…


Cheese was a no-go for some (Credit: Alamy)

Onto the way less gross requests…

One person wanted the restaurant they ordered from to get creative, writing: “Please make it with love because I love you. And if anyone is good at drawing, can you draw a T. rex with sunglasses on the inside of the box? Or you could draw your favourite dinosaur on it.”

Then, there were those who played on their loyalty to get the goods they wanted.

“Hi, it’s me again, your favourite customer who’s super sad when she doesn’t have a side of gravy. I will pay $100 for a side of gravy since I love it so much lol. Please help a sister out,” said someone else.

Uber Eats Craving Report 2022

As well as revealing the crazy messages drivers had been left, Uber Eats also revealed some of the weirdest food combinations people had tried this year, and it’ll put your weird orders into perspective.

Some of the craziest examples are as follows: 

  • Ham + Cream Cheese
  • Fruit Roll Up + Hot Cheetos
  • Pickles + Whipped Cream
  • Popcorn + Pickle Juice
  • Dark Chocolate + Tomato Salad
  • Pizza + Applesauce
  • Sushi + Ranch
  • Peanut Butter + Pizza
  • Cheese + Martinis
  • Watermelon + Mustard

We’ll leave the peanut butter firmly off our pizzas, thank you very much. 

You can read the full report here.