This dill pickle scented candle literally looks like a jar of pickles

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

How much do you love pickles? Do you love them enough to stuff 30 of them in your burger bun? What about to order a pickle scented candle?

If it’s the latter, then you’re in luck. Someone has actually invented a pickle scented candle, and it even looks like a jar of pickles, too.

From pickle brand, Vlasic, the candle is being released for National Pickle Day, which is on November 14th (yes, there really is a day for everything, now).

Partnering with candle brand Candier by Ryan Porter, the 100 percent wax candle looks the spit of a jar of Vlasic Original Dill Wholes – and would ya believe, it smells like one, too.

pickle scented candle

Pickle scented candle, anyone? (Credit: CANDIER BY RYAN PORTER)

There are many who wouldn’t be so excited about their home smelling like a jar of dill pickles, but for every naysayer, there are also pickle fanatics who’d no doubt jump at such a concept.

“It was a no-brainer for us,” Brett Castle, Vlasic’s brand director, said. “We are thrilled to have partnered with Candier by Ryan Porter to bring to life the first ever candle that looks and smells just like a jar of pickles.”

“We saw a huge opportunity to do something really fun and different with Vlasic,” Krysten Kauder, founder of Candier, explained.

“But doing that posed several big challenges. Everything had to be done by hand, including the placement of the pickles and pouring of the wax. Getting the pickles to look like they’re floating in clear liquid was also really tough. After lots of rounds of research and testing, our team nailed it.”

pickle scented candle vlasic

Want your home to smell of pickles? (Credit: CANDIER BY RYAN PORTER)

The Vlasic Pickle Candle by Candier will only be available in the US (sorry UK based pickle-heads). You’ll need to fork out $29 (£25) to get one for yourself on National Pickle Day, via this link here. 

Whilst the idea of a pickle scented candle is certainly a little bonkers, it’s not the first time food themed candles have dominated public conversation.

In fact, if you’re a food brand and you haven’t made a scented candle, what are you doing? IKEA have previously made headlines with their Swedish-meatball scented candle, whilst McDonald’s have also flogged burger scented candles before, and so have Shake Shack.

Your home can smell like all your favourite fast food items in one. What fun.