Wagamama has launched a Katsu Curry mayo and it’s a game-changer

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Basic bitches, assemble. Wagamama has just dropped a Katsu Curry mayo in supermarkets, and we’re not at all ashamed to admit we’re going to be first in line to buy it.

For very good reason, the The Katsu Curry has a reputation for being one of the most popular dishes on the British high-street. Wherever there’s a Wagas there’s at least ten people scoffing the Japanese favourite.

So, you can bet the news of a Katsu Curry mayonnaise is going to leave several shoppers rather excited. 

Katsu curry mayo, anyone? (Credit: Wagamama)

Available exclusively at Tesco supermarkets, the mayo joins the restaurant chain’s at-home range, which has been created to give avid Wagas enthusiasts the opportunity to replicate their favourite flavours in their own kitchens.

Also on sale will be a firecracker mayo, in honour of the chain’s popular firecracker chicken dish.

Both condiments dropped in stores on April 13th, cost £2.25 (RRP) and are now available to buy nationwide.

They join Wagamama’s extensive range of sauces and meal kits, which launched last year, meaning that we now have even more options to choose from when craving a Wagamamas at home.

The mayo joins a Firecracker flavour, also hitting Tesco shelves (Credit: Wagamama)

Wagamama Global Executive Chef Steve Mangleshot said: “This summer we’ve bottled our iconic flavours and spices to create the perfect condiments to add that wagamama touch to your classic barbecue line-up.

Mayo is fantastic because you can add it to pretty much anything – burgers, dressings, potato salad, or even spoon it through risotto. It’s a fridge staple and carries big flavour brilliantly, which is why we chose it as the vehicle for our bold katsu and firecracker curry flavours.”

Chuck your mayo between some bread and make a Katsu Curry sandwich (Credit: Wagamama)

Naturally, we’re already thinking of all the dishes we can knock together with the new mayos at hand – and just in time for summer, too! Katsu hotdogs, anyone?

As the lovers of fusion food that we are, we’re also considering chucking the firecracker mayo on a taco, or even in a cheese toastie, to turn up the heat. The possibilities really are endless.