You can now buy cheesy profiteroles in Waitrose and M&S

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The supermarkets have really pulled out the stops with their Christmas dessert ranges this year. For one, Waitrose is selling a Negroni stollen and Morrisons have an adorable Panna Cotta Star.

But amongst all the sugary delights, we’ve noticed an exciting new trend. Some supermarkets are turning a popular dessert on its head and offering a savoury version, for everyone with less of a sweet tooth.

Lovers of cheese, this one’s for you…

You can now buy mozzarella profiteroles, and they’re everything you’d expect from the oozey dessert but savoury…

Waitrose is one of the supermarkets cheese-ifying the treat, offering up Nduja and Burrata Profiteroles, made with savoury choux pastry and stuffed with creamy cheese, with a rich cheddar and mozzarella sauce seasoned with spicy ’nduja to drizzle on top.

waitrose cheese profiteroles christmas

Yes please (Credit: Waitrose)

We mean, DROOL.

A box of 12 profiteroles will set you back £7 and can be bought online or in store. Just tell us these wouldn’t make a dreamy addition to your table of festive nibbles.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as Marks and Spencer are also selling a cheese choux treat. Their Molten Cheddar Cheese Profiteroles come in at £5.50 for a pack of ten, and are described as buns filled with a rich and creamy Cheddar cheese sauce, and topped with pecorino cheese. 

marks spencer cheese profiteroles christmas

Marks and Spencer’s cheese profiteroles are another winner (Credit: Marks and Spencer)

The fun doesn’t stop at profiteroles, of course, if you’re after some more cheesy treats to add to your canapé table, you can also stock up on the likes of Blacksticks Cheese Brulee (£5 for two) from Booths.

Like the profiteroles this takes a popular dessert and makes it savoury, offering the perfect solution to anybody who would rather reach for a cheese board than a Christmas pud.

Of course, here on Twisted we have a bunch of cheesy dishes you can knock up yourself if you feel like cooking up a storm.

Try our fried chicken parmesan parcels, for one, promising a pastry shell filled with mozzarella, chicken, parmesan and pretty much everything that’s good int the world, fried.

Plus, our hasselback tartiflette dauphinois offers creamy yet crisp slices of potato, wine drenched onions, crispy pieces of pancetta and – wait for it – an oozing disk of molten camembert to finish things off.

Whether you head to the kitchen or nip to the shops, we hope you have a very cheesy Christmas!