Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Walkers release three Christmas crisp flavours – but not everyone’s sold


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Did someone say Christmas?! Yup, Walkers did!

The iconic crisp brand has officially launched festive packets to honour the new season, and whilst some sound rather delightful, others have caused a bit of a stir…

Yup, food bloggers have been sharing pictures of the new Christmas Walkers range, and whilst a couple tick your usual flavour boxes, there’s another which is a bit more of an eyebrow raiser.

The 2023 Walkers Christmas crisp flavours include Festive Turkey, Pigs In Blankets and… Christmas Pudding.

The limited edition crisps are already cropping up in UK supermarkets, with some finding them in their local Aldi stores already, and others expected to follow suit.

Multipacks, which contain five packets of the crisps, are retailing for £1.65.

After news of the new crisp flavours dropped on food blogs such as @NewFoodsUK and UK’s Latest Bargains, reactions came in thick and fast.

“Hell NO,” said one person in the comments, addressing the Christmas pud flavour directly.

Whilst another wrote: “Christmas pudding is [sick emoji]… why would they make crisps with that taste?”

“Christmas pudding? Is someone taking the piss?,” a third chimed in.

christmas pudding

Christmas pudding flavoured crisps was definitely a choice! (Credit: Getty)

Another had already tried the crisps, though, and noted they weren’t actually that bad.

“I tried the Christmas pudding ones today just to be curious and honestly they are nice, they taste of Carmel and cinnamon,” they wrote. So, there ya have it.

The crisps will only be available during the Christmas season and then will disappear off shelves.

Previous years the brand has offered up the likes of Roast Potato and Brussel Sprout crisps, but this year’s choice might well be the most divisive!

Featured image: Getty/ NewFoodsUK

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