PSA: You can now buy white chocolate Cadbury creme eggs

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We interrupt your daily programming for a very important public service announcement.

You can now buy Cadbury White Chocolate Creme Eggs in select UK stores. Yep, this is not a drill.

The White Chocolate Creme Eggs haven’t ever been released as more than a limited edition promotional product, but the coveted snack is finally dropping on shelves after plenty of pleading from fans.

They were previously only available as part of a competition, and a very select number of shoppers got their hands on them. So, you can imagine how excited people are that they can finally go out and grab them.

The White Chocolate Creme Eggs come as part of a Creme Egg selection box, alongside an original milk chocolate version and a caramel egg, too.

They haven’t been rolled out in supermarkets yet, so shoppers will need to head to Farmfoods to get their hands on them. You can see where your nearest branch is here. 

Twisted has contacted Cadbury for a price, and to see if there are plans to roll out the egg selection box elsewhere.

cadbury white chocolate creme egg

Cadbury’s white chocolate creme egg is here (Credit: Cadbury)

Announcing the news on Instagram, food blog NewFoodsUK told followers that the treats were “so good,” adding: “Hats off to Cadburys for releasing these”.

“Dreams do come true,” wrote one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “Wow sensational.”

“These are gonna be dangerous!,” penned somebody else.

As a third chimed in: “I need this”. Us too.

White Chocolate Creme Eggs used to be hidden in normal wrappers (Credit: Alamy)

CEWE81 Bowl of Cadbury creme egg minis

Fully White Chocolate Creme Eggs were last in circulation in 2019. Comprised of a white chocolate shell with the same gooey fondant yolk, the treats were hidden in normal Cadbury Creme Egg wrappers, rather than on sale as separate products.

At the time, customers simply had to hope to come across one of the eggs, and if they did bag one, they not only got to taste the limited edition chocolate but also landed a chance to win £1,000.

Three years later in 2022, the limited edition Creme Egg was evolved so that half the shell was milk chocolate and the other half was white, and anybody who found one faced the potential of bagging £10,000, like a real life Willy Wonka competition.

Thankfully, now we don’t have to cross our fingers to get our hands on a White Chocolate Creme Egg, we just have to leg it down to Farmfoods. Dreams do come true!