White chocolate digestives are apparently about to drop and people are freaking out

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There is only one thing better than a chocolate digestive, and that is two chocolate digestives.

A good biscuit is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you’re dunking them into tea or demolishing an entire packet, they are certain to boost happiness levels.

Everyone will have their favourite, with some notable options like shortbread, rich tea, and of course the chocolate digestive.

At the moment, McVitie’s offers both milk and dark chocolate versions of their much-loved treat, but this could all be about to change.

The chocolate digestive is a staple when it comes to biscuits. (Credit: Bycroft Boy / Flickr)

Preferences vary wildly when it comes to chocolate, and white chocolate is often divisive – but for those who love it, you’re in for a real treat.

According to UK Snack Attack on Instagram, a page that follows all things snack-related, McVitie’s is about to drop white chocolate digestives.

They wrote on the social media site: “As the clock ticks, so does the countdown to the release of White Chocolate Digestives! Whilst not officially announced let me tell you it is coming.”

According to the UK Snack Attack website, digestives were first released in the 19th century, which really shows the longevity of the treats.

It should be noted that the news of white chocolate digestives hasn’t actually been confirmed by McVitie’s but it certainly seems like there’s a call for them.

The comments of the post are full of people excitedly tagging their friends, and it goes to show that there’s love for white chocolate.

One person in the comments even thought that they were already a thing, saying: “I swear these have existed at one point unless I’m imagining that.”

Speaking of white chocolate, in March KitKat released a Biscoff white chocolate Chunky… because why not?

The bars are coated with your chocolate of choice (milk or white), then inside the Chunky, you’ll find layers of the caramel-flavoured speculoos spread.

It’s tricky to find something that makes your mouth water more than Biscoff, but KitKat sure found a way.

It appears as if brands are dipping into the white chocolate market more and more, which is sure to please anybody who has a sweet tooth.

white chocolate and biscoff kitkat chunky

KitKat and Biscoff have collaborated (Credit: Nestle)

We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for any more information about the white chocolate digestives because we can’t wait to start dunking them in our tea.

Or, you know, eat the entire pack at once.

Featured image credit: Beth / SoQ錫濛譙 / Flickr