UK pub holds ‘World Gravy Wrestling Championship’ and it’s the most niche event ever

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A pub in Lancashire, UK, has resumed one of its most bonkers traditions: a gravy wrestling competition. 

Over the August Bank Holiday, a bunch of wrestlers descended on the Rose ‘N’ Bowl Pub in Rossendale for a roll about in a pool of gravy. 

No, we’re not making this up. 

Watch a video below: 

This is actually the twelfth annual gravy wrestling competition, which (as the name suggests) sees attendees fighting in a pool of gravy for two minutes at a time.  

The event is put on for charity every year to raise money for East Lancashire Hospice, but took a two year hiatus in 2020 and 2021 because of Covid restrictions. 

Restaurant manager, Carol Lowe said she thought it was “amazing to be back” in an interview with the BBC, adding that people came from “far and wide” to flex their wrestling skills in the gravy pool. 

world gravy wrestling competition

The gravy wrestling competition is not for the feint hearted (Credit: Heather B Studios)

People were encouraged to come in fancy dress for the event, and were judged on their outfits, entertainment value and, of course, wrestling ability.

Those competing got eliminated as the day went on, until a winner was crowned.

And this year, contestants threw themselves into things so much that one man even lost his boxers. You can watch that, errr, interesting footage on YouTube, should you wish.

world gravy wrestling competition

Fancy a roll-about in a pool of gravy? (Credit: Heather B Studios)

“It’s very messy,” Carol added to the Beeb. Ya don’t say!

Apparently, the gravy is cold so that wrestlers don’t hurt themselves, and it’s also vegan so that absolutely anybody can take part (which is good for all the keen vegan gravy wrestlers out there…)

world gravy wrestling competition

PSA: It’s messy (Credit: Heather B Studios)

Local competitor, Lloyd Clarkson, took the men’s champion spot, whilst Imogen Young was the women’s winner. We bet they felt smug adding that to their resumes…

We’re not sure we’re up for wrestling in a pool of gravy any time soon, but you can catch us at this Lancashire pub next year with a Yorkshire Pudding and a ladle.