Record set for world’s largest chicken nugget which is over 100 times bigger than average

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A record has been set for the world’s largest chicken nugget – and it could be a challenge for even the biggest ‘nug obsessive to finish.

On Saturday, the Guinness World Records announced that the world’s largest chicken nugget had officially been crowned, created by TikTokers Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis.

Check out a video of the monstrous ‘nug below: 

The nugget is 46-pounds and 3.34-ounces, which, if you ask us, is more of a chunk of breaded chicken (but, then again, we don’t make the rules…)

The ‘nug is “approximately 115 times larger than your average chicken nugget,” according to the social media duo who created it.

chicken nugget guinness world records

That’s a lot of chicken… (Credit: Alamy)

It’s made of 40 pounds of ground chicken and a whopping 40 eggs, and it took the equivalent of 60 chickens to make up the meat.

Also in the gigantic nugget is half gallon of whole milk, 40 slices of white bread, three-quarters of a cup of onion powder and the same amount of garlic powder, alongside a cup of salt and a half cup of pepper.

It was a bit of a mission to cook, with the duo creating a “special contraption” to pour the mixture into.

chicken nugget guinness world record

The nugget was cooked in a special contraption (Credit: Guinness World Record)

Once they’d tipped the mixture in, the pair coated the nugget with breadcrumbs and beaten eggs to create the crispy exterior, slathered on with a paintbrush.

As you can imagine, the ‘nug wasn’t the easiest thing to cook, either. DiGiovanni said that it took around 12 hours when he tested the recipe at home, but when the duo took the nugget to a commercial oven, it eventually cooked a little quicker.

The contraption it was cooking in allowed the chefs to fold back the mesh sides and slather the rest of the nugget in the egg and breadcrumb mixture so that all of it was covered.

chicken nugget guinness world record

Guinness said the nugget was the world’s largest (Credit: Guinness World Records)

When it was finally finished and cooked to a safe temperature of 165 Fahrenheit, a Guinness World Record adjudicator measured the nugget and said it was officially the world’s largest.

The record was confirmed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and afterwards friends, family and the filming crew in attendance all had a try.

The TikTok duo had previously set a record for the world’s largest Cake Pop in November last year. What will they make next time?!