You’ll soon be able to buy plant-based poached eggs with runny yolks

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The world of vegan food has come so far in the last few years.

Nowadays, you can buy plant-based meat, fish and dairy and they actually taste convincing – but eggs? You’d be forgiven for thinking they’ll never taste like the real thing.

However, believe it or not, one company, named Yo Egg, has just created the world’s first vegan whole poached egg, and they’re confident it could fool the best of us.

yo egg plant based poached egg

Yo Egg is a plant-based poached egg (Credit: Yo Egg)

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The launch is a collaboration with a string of popular Los Angeles eateries including Real Food Daily, Flore Vegan, Vegan District Asian Eatery, Swingers Diner, Coyote Grill and Junkyard Dog, and you’ll soon be able to get the runny eggs on their menus.

The future is now, folks.

There are other plant-based eggs on the market, but they’re predominantly liquids that make something similar to scrambled egg.

This little guy is special because it has a runny yolk and promises to taste like an actual egg (a bold claim, we know).

yo egg plant based poached egg

It has an oozy yolk and everything (Credit: Yo Egg)

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The Yo Egg poached egg is mainly made using chickpeas and soy. It promises to be more sustainable than a chicken egg, and allows people to have exactly the same eating experience as if they’re consuming an original one – dribbly yolk Instagram shots and all! 

Ahead of its roll out in LA, Yo Egg is already a hit in Israel, where it is available to order at a breakfast chain named Benedict as well as in some hotel chains, too.

You can’t yet buy the eggs in supermarkets in the States or elsewhere, but here’s hoping they go down a storm and we’ll all be able to try them very soon.

“Yo Egg is a huge step forward for plant-based foods, as the world moves towards a food system that does not rely on conventional animal agriculture and avoids their associated pandemics, price fluctuations, and environmental concerns,” the company said. 

What do you reckon? Are you sold on these?