You can get heart-shaped Krispy Kreme doughnuts stuffed with Nutella for Valentine’s Day

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Just in time to beat that mid-February funk, Krispy Kreme has decided to release Nutella-stuffed heart-shaped doughnuts.

If you’d already given up on 2021, this news should restore some faith. We’ll see you in the queue.

Krispy Kreme free doughnuts Krispy Kreme has decided to release Nutella-stuffed heart-shaped doughnuts (Credit: Alamy/B Christopher)

New for Valentine’s Day

The two new doughnut designs are dropping on February 15th.

This might be bad news for anyone who was hoping for a pastry-heavy Valentine’s day. However, it’s extremely exciting for those who regularly dream of mixing doughnuts with their favourite chocolate spread.

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The first option for fans is a Nutty Chocolatta Heart, featuring a filling of pure Nutella, dipped in a blended chocolate coating and hand-decorated with caramel hazelnuts.

The second is a fruity Nutty Filled Berry Ring, which includes a Nutella drizzle, dried raspberries and, of course, more Nutella as a filling. Needless to say, neither are going to leave chocolate lovers wanting.

In a statement, Krispy Kreme said:

“Just in time for World Nutella Day Krispy Kreme has announced an exciting new duo of Nutella inspired doughnuts on sale from 15thFebruary.

“The new Nutty Chocolatta Heart and Nutty Filled Berry Ring make up the delicious doughnut duet and will be available in-store and via Click & Serve as well as UK Nationwide delivery.”

The sweet treats certainly provide the perfect excuse to celebrate.

Krispy Kreme COVID The sweet treats certainly provide the perfect excuse to celebrate (Credit: Alamy/Stockimo)

Where can I get new Nutella Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

Both options cost £2.25. If you’re planning on a solo spree, they certainly don’t come cheap.

However, there are more affordable options if you’re willing to invest en masse. As Krispy Kreme explains in a release:

“In addition to this perfect pair; the Nutella Dozen will delight Krispy Kreme fans – made up of four each of the Nutty Chocolatta Heart, the Nutty Filled Berry Ring and fan-favourite the Original Glazed  doughnuts, available via UK national delivery priced at £13.95 + delivery and Click & Serve.

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“What’s more Krispy Kreme are offering customers that buy the Nutella Dozen the chance to purchase an Original Glazed Dozen for just £6.00 saving £4.45!”

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to indulge, this may be your best opportunity. Frankly, we all deserve to enjoy something this delicious.