Nigella Lawson’s bizarre chocolate brownie recipe is causing uproar on Twitter

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Nigella Lawson is never afraid of courting controversy when it comes to her cooking. This, after all, is the chef who in her most recent TV series brought us a fish finger bhorta and an unforgettable pronunciation of microwave.

However, even with her track record, some fans are saying that enough is enough after her most recent Twitter recipe suggestion.

Lawson might be a national treasure, but there’s only so much British cooks can take.

Nigella Lawson Nigella Lawson is causing controversy with her brownies (Credit: Alamy/Chris Bull)

Nigella Lawson chocolate brownie recipe

This recent furore revolves around Lawson’s polarising suggestion to add bacon to a chocolate brownie.

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As many cooks know all too well, combining sweet and savoury ingredients can have spectacular results. Just ask anyone who’s ever eaten fried chicken and waffles, for example.

Nonetheless, for whatever reason, the internet really can’t get its collective head around the idea of mixing pork and chocolate.

Nigella Lawson brownies The unusual combination has caused a bit of an uproar (Credit: Nigella Lawson/Instagram)

Lawson seemed braced for the response even before posting the recipe.

In the offending Instagram picture, the “How To Eat” author wrote:

“Don’t get alarmed, but my Bacon Brownies are #RecipeOfTheDay. And this is no gimmicky suggestion: the nuggets of salty bacon are so so good with the sweet, rich chocolate….”

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However, despite her reassurances, many of Lawson’s usually adoring fans weren’t having any of it.

Nigella Lawson brownie Fans aren’t sure about the bacon and chocolate brownies (Credit: Alamy/Martin Tompkins)

“Mother of God” – the fans react

It’s safe to say that the fan response to the chocolate bacon combo has been pretty tepid. While some seemed open to the suggestion, several were completely baffled by the idea.

For instance, one commenter wrote: “Mother of God. You’ll be telling us to suck them through diesel next, so you will. The entire OCG will be making NBBs (Nigella’s Bacon Brownies),” a reference to BBC One’s primetime thriller Line Of Duty.

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Another added: “For a minute I thought you’d broken your phone!” A third queried, “So do you serve with a side of ice cream or eggs?” 

It’s safe to say that many of us have become more adventurous with our cooking. Some may even revel in the idea of including a provocative ingredient.

However, as the reaction to Nigella Lawson’s brownies proves, most of us just aren’t ready to try bacon and chocolate together.