Oreo have teased their new slate of Halloween and Christmas cookie designs

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It goes without saying the OG Oreo is the daddy of all milk cookies. As hundreds of competitors have discovered over the years, it’s almost impossible to improve on the perfection of sugary black biscuits and creamy white fluff. However, even though the original is still the king, Oreo know that sometimes we all enjoy a change. This is why news of a new release is always worth getting excited about. 

It might still be the height of summer, but Oreo have wasted no time in getting us riled up for autumn and winter, teasing what must be one of their most exciting seasonal slates ever. New for 2019, the cookie experts have revealed plans for no less than 10 Halloween and Christmas cookie designs, giving us almost one new flavour to try every week between October and December. If novelty snacking is your idea of a good time, you’re in luck. 

According to multiple posts on social media, the Nabisco-owned brand are preparing to promote packs of five separate Halloween and Christmas-style cookies imminently. Early reporting suggests that the Halloween cookies will feature an orange-creme filling, images such as a witch and jack-o-lantern, and will be available from mid-August. Photographs of the packaging suggest that the product will feature a giant “BOO!”

Information on the Christmas-themed snacks is a little more sketchy. Delish suggest that the packs will “include classic holiday designs such as a snowflake, a magic snowman, and penguin wearing a scarf,” and will come stuffed with a seasonal red filling. While there is no word on the flavour, previous evidence that it will most likely be a Christmassy twist on Oreo’s classic formula. 

Of course, updated Oreo designs are nothing new. Just last week, the brand’s limited edition Maple Creme cookies made headlines around the world, proving that they still have the power to attract attention. Here’s hoping that the new designs don’t disappoint.