Oreo reveals their newest mystery flavour as “Churro Creme”

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

After becoming bored with their original milk cookie flavour in about 1920, Oreo has had plenty of time to come up with heaps of mysterious varieties.

Though there are plenty who would argue that the OG is unbeatable, that hasn’t stopped the tinkerers at Nabisco from press-ganging the public into eating weird things like “Jelly Donut” and “Candy Corn” cookies. Clearly, not everything has been a resounding success. 

However, despite dozens of failed experiments, we are all succours for something new. Hence why, earlier this year, Oreo lovers were seen queuing up in droves to try the brand’s latest “mystery” flavour. The prospect of a $50,000 cash prize for anyone who could correctly identify it may also have been a factor. Now, after months of speculation, Oreo has come clean and told the world exactly what it is they’ve been scoffing. 

Check out our epic Oreo-inspired cookies and cream babka:

In an Instagram post shared on Monday, the cookie makers revealed that the mysterious flavour was in fact “Churro Creme”, ending months of speculation. In a caption accompanying a picture of the new-look packaging, Oreo wrote:

“Case closed! The #MysteryOREO is Churro flavored creme. Nice work, super-sleuths ? We have notified the winner directly. More details at MysteryOREO.com.”

Understandably given the massive prize at stake, the competition attracted interest from across the country. Alongside the thousands of ordinary Oreo fans playing the guessing game, famous faces also got involved, including “Stranger Things’” Gaten Matarazzo, who speculated that it might be French toast, and Terry Crews. 

$50,000 might seem like a lot of cash to put behind a cookie promotion. However, given the thousands of posts on Instagram and Twitter using the #MysteryOREO, it looks like the gamble has paid dividends. Maybe refusing to tell customers exactly what it is they’re eating is a method we might see more of in the future.