Oscar Mayer is releasing hot dog ice cream made with actual bits of hot dog

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Unless there happens to have been an explosion involving both a baseball snack stand and a Ben and Jerry’s factory, it’s hard to imagine any scenario where hot dogs and ice cream end up on the same plate. No one wants their dessert spoiled by the inclusion of mystery meat. However, this long established fact of dining etiquette seems to have completely escaped the team at famed hot dog makers Oscar Mayer. For some reason, they seem to have some quite radical opinions on pork and pudding.

In honour of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – which is, against all the odds, a thing – Oscar Mayer have partnered up with New York City-based Il Laboratorio Del Gelato to bring together two iconic summer foods in one unholy mess. Dubbed the Ice Dog Sandwich, it promises an eating event that not many will have experienced, nor asked for. 

According to a report by Delish, the new dessert features a “Spicy Dijon Mustard gelato and candied hot dog pieces,” as well as two cookie “buns”. It has also been claimed that the company’s infamous weinermobile will be wheeled out as part of the promotion, with Thrillist suggesting that, during the week of August 12th, the vehicle will be driving around the city, “passing out Ice Dog Sandwiches for any interested New Yorkers who dare take on a hot dog-flavored ice cream.” Lucky them. 

Even though an idea as mental as hot dog ice cream might seem like it wasn’t really thought through, there’s evidence that there’s more behind the release than meets the eye. In a social media post promoting the new launch, Oscar Mayer revealed that the new concept may owe a debt to condiment creators French’s, after they unveiled their own mustard flavour ice cream last week. 

Taking to Twitter, Oscar Mayer wrote that, “who eats just mustard @Frenchs? Condiments were made for Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Say hello to the Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich-flavored ice cream, made with our better hot dogs, sandwiched with spicy mustard.” It looks like anyone majorly offended by the release can blame French’s just as much as Oscar Mayer.